Thursday, April 15, 2010

So while eating my lunch I found myself on which I love! My dear friend Marla showed it to me while I was pregnant and I will admit they have gotten some of my money since. I ordered a Christmas tutu and numerous hair bows from etsy for little P. And everything I have ordered is GREAT! The sellers always include a little hand written note which makes it so special. I still have the one that came with the tutu. It says "May your Christmas be brighter because of your new little one. Blessings be to Presley." So sweet! And so my confession today is that I have been really wanting a tree for Presley's room. I am really liking this one:
Jared is going to flip when I mention it. He hates to paint/decorate. And our little cupcake has only been in her neopolitan icecream room for 6 months. I really thought about a tree before we decorated but never found one I like. I saw this one on a month or so ago and can't stop thinking about it. It's a vinyl decal that is super thin and is supposed to not harm the walls. (See I'm working on my proposal to Jared already...LOL) I've been thinking about making our extra bedroom a "play room" for Presley. I am thinking this tree would be super cute in there. We have a bed set up in there but no one ever stays the night. So why not make it Presley's play room? And don't start worrying peeps....we will give Presley a sibling. But for now we can let her rule both rooms!

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