Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Hunt

Saturday we went to my Dad's house for an Easter Egg hunt. This year Presley was actually big enough to carry a basket and look for eggs. She is getting so independent!

I'm horrible about getting pictures with me in them so I asked Sara to snap one during the hunt. I wish Presley was smiling but I still love it!
She was pretty good at finding eggs. Jared helped her get in the general area of an egg but she was quick to grab them up. And....we had been letting her practice with empty eggs so she didn't know there was candy in these. Ha! It worked out good because she didn't want to stop and open them while she was hunting. She would just pitch them in the bucket and move on.

She somehow sweet talked Daddy into holding her basket while she grabbed eggs!

There were some hidden in trees and Presley spotted them and then insisted Daddy get them for her.

My sister Sara and her daughter Amarah....and she argues that they don't favor!

Amarah, Presley, and Gavin....cousins examining thier loot.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Redneck Baby

You might have a REDNECK baby if...... She likes to ride her Daddy's stuffed coyote! This is how we found her the other day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The last couple of weeks have been rough thanks to an ear infection that wouldn't go away. After the third antibiotic, it finally gave up. The reason for the drama without freaking everyone out, it was a MRSA staph bacteria that was causing her ear infection. First of all staph is on all of our skin and the fact that it was antibiotic resistant does not mean there is anything wrong with Presley or that she got it from a weird source or anything. So stop sweating....Instead it means that over time, bacteria gets smarter and ear infections now are often the result of "smart bacteria" that has learned to mutate and survive the antibiotics commonly used in the past to treat them. So....doctors now are having to use antibiotics that are currently being developed and also ones that haven't always been used for ear infections. We LOVE our pediatrician and trust him completely. We are so blessed to have such a Godly pediatrician who loves Miss P so much! See how healthy this girl looks now.....I had a doctor appointment last Friday for baby brother and I stopped at Kids to Kids on the way down. Presley no longer will wear a headband with the large bows so we needed smaller ones for the summer. And of course we needed several colors! I love this size and Presley will leave these in her hair and they were a great price.

I also stopped at Kohls because P has been doing some major growing and needed some shirts for Spring/Summer. These shirts were all $13 but I got them on sale for $6 each and tried to get things that we could mix and match. I love the colors!
And I had to throw this picture in because it's too cute. She wants to do everything he does! We drove down into the pasture to see if we could spot any turkey. Jared was teaching her to turkey call here. I love them!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We had been wanting to take Presley for pictures in the bluebonnets this year so as soon as we started spotting patches on the side of the road we loaded up and went to the dam. Every year there are fields of the bright blue flowers and it's a photo hot spot so we were excited about taking our Sweet P to get her pictures there too!

She wasn't in the best mood....it was naptime and it was pretty warm but I love some of the shots we got. Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE my camera? I still have a ton to learn and I'm having a blast doing it. Maybe I'll quit my day job....haha. But then Jared would have to quit his too because he is the best assistant! He can get P to smile no matter what. Hopefully no one saw that my little angel was picking petals off the state flower! Please don't report us!
We wanted some pictures of her laying or sitting down but the flowers were kind of scratchy so P was not interested at all. So we compromised and had Daddy sit with her. These two are my world and I am so blessed to have them in my life!

My Sweet P....