Monday, March 28, 2011

Welding Rodeo

What a GREAT weekend! We hosted the Grayson County College Welding Rodeo and it was a total blast. They schools that competed had amazing kids - both artistically and in their attitudes. Local businesses were a huge support and we had the best experience we could have for our first attempt at this event! Students showed up Friday morning and at the sound of the horn got to dig through piles of metal and then were off to their booths to create a scultpure for our "Everything Texas!" theme. They worked until 5 pm, then came back on Sat morning to complete their projects between 8 and 11:30. I have lots more photos but for those of you who have been asking....Here are some of the sculptures....

Longhorn by Gainesville High School - Honorable Mention Timeline of Texas by Denison High School - Third Place
My personal favorite.......The Cowboy by Bonham High School - Second Place
And S&S High School with the Cactus - First Place

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break went by way too fast! I didn't get much accomplished that I had planned but it was still nice to have a break. Jared was sick a few days and then Presley was sick at the end of the week so we were pretty low key. I took Presley to the doctor Saturday morning....thank goodness for the clinic having a doctor on call until lunch on Saturdays! Once there, Presley forgot that she was feeling bad and waved, laughed and talked at all of the other kids in the office. She loves having everyone's attention! We had to wait for quiet a while but she was good and we read about 50 books while we were there. Here she was right before the doctor came in: She had an ear infection....which did not surprise me. It seems like everytime Presley gets a tooth she gets an infection. We got an antibiotic and headed home. She slept most of the way so I knew she felt bad. She's getting to where she doesn't do much napping in the car...she might miss out on something! She is growing way too fast...she looks like a toddler here.
Hopefully we will all be well soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a....

Our doctor predicted a boy at our last ultrasound but I was only 14 weeks then so he said not to be the farm on it. But we went back Friday and I was 18 weeks and we definately got several peeks at boy parts. So it's official....we are getting a sweet little boy! I won't post the pictures of his personal parts since he acutally looks like a human baby now. I'll share this one can even see his heart (the dark spot) on his chest. Our doctor was able to see all four chambers of his heart, which he said is rare at this early but it's good to see because a healthy heart rules out all kinds of syndromes, issues, etc that a baby gets screened for during a diagnositic ultrasound. We will still have an official diagnositc one in 8 weeks but it's nice to have pretty much already had one since the baby was cooperating and we got to see lots of good views. Yeah for a healthy baby!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Momma

Presley is growing so fast! She is still obsessed with her hand-me-down Cabbage Patch doll from her cousin Amarah. She is a mother hen to that little baby! She loves to share her sippy cup with the baby doll too. I hope she is still good about sharing when her sibling gets here! I love this picture of her giving "babydoll" a drink.
And she likes to read Jared's Four Wheel Drive magazine when he leaves it laying around. She points at stuff and says "Daddy...". She has really started to learn what things are Momma's and what are Daddy's. She's observant to say the least!! Notice the cup still proped to her babydoll's mouth while she stepped away to read the magazine. Guess she didn't want babydoll getting thirsty!
She's gonna be a great mommy one day!
We have been loving this weather! Bring on spring....Presley wants to be outside at all times. Seriously the only time this little girl throws fits is when she has to go inside. We usually have to carry her in kicking, screaming and crying! This too shall pass, right? :-)
Jared is the best Daddy ever! Seriously he is so crazy about this little girl that it melts my heart every time I see them together. He takes her to play on the swing set each day.
She looks so big in this picture. We definately are a toddler now. I had to buy her shoes in the toddler section this time! She's also moving from the nursery to the toddler room at daycare. Sniff, sniff...I know she will love it though. She goes outside with them all the time anyway. I just hope it's an easy transition for me....I mean her. :-)

And here is proof that she has a lot of her Daddy in her (although I say it all the time). She is such a daredevil! She always wants to hang from the bars on the swingset. It freaked me out the first time Jared put her up there. But she loved it and amazingly can hold on for quiet a while!

Crazy I know but her daredevil personality is one of the things I love so much about her!