Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cookie Monster

I am loving this fall weather! It feels so nice and it's perfect for playing outside which is Presley's FAVORITE thing to do! And it gives me a chance to play with my new camera which is my new favorite hobby. I baked some sugar cookies that had pumpkins on them and Presley has the same obsession with them as her Daddy. She could eat as many as he could if I would let her!
She's getting so independent and likes to hold her food herself. It stresses me out a little bit but I'm trying to relax and loosen up a little. I have no idea where she gets such a strong sense of independence from! :-)
My favorite pictures of her are ones like this where I just sit down and let her play and do her own thing around me. Here she got a little nosey and had to come check out the camera close up! And of course she likes to see herself. As soon as I take a picture she comes over and insist I show her the screen and she says "".
Love those big blue eyes! I'm sure they will get her lots of things in life. For now they certainly work on me and Daddy and pretty much everyone else she uses them on. Even the guy at Tractor Supply when we bought dog food this evening told me those eyes would be trouble!
I love how this camera lets me capture such vibrant colors and lets me focus on my subject and not everything in the photo. I'm still waiting on my "Dummies" book so I can really learn to use all of the features on this camera. I'm getting a little anxious for it's arrival....
Look at those cute little legs! She's turning into a little girl so fast!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I attended a conference Friday and Saturday in Dallas. I presented with my co-worker and I think it went really well. It was actually pretty fun! It was our first time to present at a professional conference and it was a good experience. I stopped on the way home at a consignment store and found a few things for Presley. I got a sleeper for $3.00, a pair of Circo pants from Target for $3.50, and a Christmas dress for $9.00. This picture is with my phone so it is does not do the dress justice at all. It's in perfect condition and so dang cute! I showed it to Presley and she tried to pull the bling off the front already but maybe she won't notice them as much when she has the dress on. Anyway....I thought it was a great purchase!
On Sunday Presley woke up super early and was fussy. I'll spare you the story of our long morning but I think she had a tummy ache so we skipped out on church. We played a outside forever yesterday after she got to feeling better and I tried to teach myself how to use my new camera. It's still a work in progress but I did get a few good shots. This is my favorite one...
Presley's hair looks a little darker here than it really is but I still like the feel of this picture. And I LOVE the font I put on there. I use to edit my photos and they have lots of great tools! I plan to sharpen up my camera skills just as soon as my Cannon Rebel for dummies book arrives!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Friends

It's been such a long time since I've posted on here. Things have been really busy the past few weeks and so blogging got pushed to the side. My sweet sweet mother-in-law passed away last Wednesday and we had been spending as much time as we could with her. She had battled cancer for close to three years and gave it an amazing fight. Her passing away wasn't easy and we miss her tremendously but it brings us comfort to know that she knew where she was going to spend eternity. We wish she was here with us but we are thankful that she is now healed and home with our Heavenly Father! During this time our sweet bible study group brought us a goody basket!
They are the best group of friends! This stuff came in so handy during the week. We had tons of casseroles and chicken and things that people had taken to Gary's house but it was nice to have some snacks when we came home late each night. I'm sure I gained weight!
The best part were all of the sweet notes and verses that were stuck on some of the items. This verse, Isaiah 41:10 was my favorite. I love the part that says "I am your God". How appropriate for this time in our life. He is our God!
One of my favorite items....the chocolate and caramel kisses! Presley liked them too although I only have her a couple because I don't like her to have lots of junk food.
I know I've said it already but our bible study group is the BEST! We have been touched so much by our group and are so thankful that God allowed us to become a part of them. I love having friends that are at the same point in their lives and facing the same issues that we do. We are so happy to be part of their group!

Monday, October 11, 2010


This weekend was rough but it makes me realize what a great family we have. It's so hard to think about Susan passing away but it's such a comfort to know that she is confident in her Savior and knows that she will soon be healed and sitting at His feet. And more than's great comfort to know that we will one day be reuinted with her! I snapped a few pics this weekend of Presley and the boys. I got a new camera and can't wait to learn how to use it!
She looks so big here!

Presley loved watching the boys play at Granny and Pop's house. She loves them so much and they are super good with her.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sick Girl

Presley had her one year check up Wednesday but had a fever of 102 when we got there! She was one sad looking little girl. She wasn't fussy just wanted to be held and was burning up. The doctor said she had viral tonsilitis so we have to go back next week to get the shots we missed out on Wednesday. I stayed home with her yesterday and she slept a lot. When she would wake up she would be happy and playful for a while and then her fever would come back up. Thank goodness for Tylenol and Motrin!
Ignore the mismatched pajamas. When you have a sick cranky baby girl you grab whatever is easy and close and unfortunately after he bath Wednesday night this was all I could find in her dresser. She didn't seemt to mind! Note she does have bedhead...bless her heart.
She played a lot with a farm that her Aunt Deb got her for her birthday. I'm surprised the doors aren't worn off that thing. She opened and closed them a million times yesterday! She also likes to pull the pieces out of her puzzles and hopefully soon I can teach her that you are supposed to put them back in too. Here's a peek at the car that Jared pimped out for her bday....
I will post a video and more pics of the Cozy Coupe that Jared "pimped" for her soon....after I recoop from having a sick baby!