Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's yellow and messy?

Presley finally decided she would eat cereal if it was mixed in with banana baby food. Thanks to our amazing pediatrician for suggesting that! After a week of bananas I decided to also try squash. The first night Presley would pucker up and spit it out. She was not liking it! But then it does look kinda gross......
But after some cheering from momma and airplane noises from daddy, Presley finally decided to give it a whirl. And now she likes it! I love how she opens her mouth like a little bird.
The squash seems so much messier than the bananas but I think it's just because it's so bright and shows up on everything. My little blue eyed girl is growing up way too fast! Although it makes me sad to see you sitting in a high chair, I am reminded by the book I am reading to be thankful in all things. So my sweet baby girl....I am thankful for a daughter that is healthy and has an appetite. I am thankful for a little girl that is growing up right before my eyes and for the joy that Jared and I share with each new thing you do. Having you makes our world a better place. Love you baby cakes!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day at the Office

Yesterday I brought Presley to the office because I knew she wasn't feeling great and wanted to call the doctor as soon as their office opened. She was good for the most part....a little fussy but she liked all the attention. She played in her stroller, chewed on everything she could get her hands on and soaked up all the attention.

Here's Presley helping out Marla.....and I did a video of Presley with Cindy but it wouldn't load!
And right before we headed to the doctor, Presley hung out on my desk. She sat in her bumbo and chewed on anything and everything. Here she has her toy keys but she did knock over the hand sanitizer behind her and pulled numerous pens out of my caddy!
We made it to the doctor, where of course she acted like nothing was wrong but he determined she has an ear infection and respiratory infection. Yes....same ear as two and a half weeks ago. So we're on another anitbiotic and we have to watch to make sure she doesn't get worse. All in all.....I enjoyed having Presley in the office with me but hate it was because she was sick! And Jared went to the doctor yesterday also and he has the same thing! See more proof she's his little mini me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let it snow!!!

After driving home from Austin in the snow ALL THE WAY on Thursday....I was very thankful to be home. Everything was covered with white fluffy snow and I couldn't resist taking pictures. I know....I can't help it....we don't get much of it around here! When I got home I couldn't even see my driveway!
And my road was sooooo pretty!

It snowed all day and all night. We had about 8 inches in some places around our house. I honestly don't think I've ever see that much snow here! When I got up in the morning everything was covered in a white blanket and it was gorgeous. These pics below could use some editing but I haven't gotten around to that yet. It was early morning....because Cupcake does like to rise early so she and I were up and the sun was barely out and I couldn't help but stand in awe on my front porch. I love the old pecan tree at the front of our yard!

You could barely see our stepping stones!
And the row of cedar tress to the south of our house....looked like a Christmas Card! LOL
And my favorite photos of all.....Presley out in the 2nd snow of her life! I love her little hat with ears even though she's nearly outgrown it. She was super quiet but looked around a lot and especially liked when the dogs showed up and started jumping on me! We didn't stay out long because her cheeks got red quickly!

And the blanket she is wrapped in is one that Granny made for her when I was only about 9 weeks pregnant. It's our favorite! It says "I love daddy and I love mommy" all over it.
And my favorite photo of all....even though I was squinting because the snow was smacking me in the eyes! This photo makes me feel kinda sappy and the bible study I'm reading really has me thinking about the important things in my life. I am thankful that God has put me here at this moment, with this sweet guy, and this amazing baby. I am blessed beyond measure!

Peek A Boo

When Presley was tiny she would only sleep if she was swaddled up super tight. So as she's gotten older, I still would wrap a blanket around her legs after I laid her down in the crib. Of course I'm a super freak about SIDS so little missy sleeps only on her back and I made sure and wrapped the blanket where she would have to really wiggle to get out of it. And so far this had been working. She would start to fuss when she woke up in the mornings and so I would make it in there before she had wiggled free of my swaddling.

However....now that we're getting to be a big girl....my great trick has stopped working. First let me say that I am so proud of Presley for being such a great sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night for about a month now. The week that she was sick....not so much but now we're back on track!

However we now sleep without a blanket! This past week I've started to notice that she doesn't fuss as soon as she starts to wake. She used to start in before she would even have her eyes open. Now she wakes up and starts trying to put things into her mouth...this including the blanket. This is how I found her the other morning...which freaked me out!

Yep...cute I know but it stresses me out to see the blanket on her head. So no more blanket for a while.....fleece footed pajamas it is!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sick Little Girl

How NOT fun was our weekend! Presley got sick for the first time and we ended up at the Urgent Care with her Sunday at lunch. She had fever that stayed at 102 even with Tylenol. I hated seeing her like that. She looked so sad when we were waiting to see the doctor. I was a little skeptical about having to see someone other than our sweet Pediatrician but it worked out okay. The guy we saw said she had a throat and ear infection so we started her on antibiotics.

This picture is us trying to get her fever down by keeping a wet cloth on her. She actually seemed to enjoy the cool cloth. And of course wanted to be held. I think one of us held her from Saturday afternoon until last night!
We went Monday to see Presley's regular Pediatrician and he agreed that she had an ear infection and said to continue the medicine and also confirmed that she's not working on one but on TWO teeth! He went ahead and gave her 4 month shots which was okay with us because she was already running fever and miserable so the shots couldn't make it any worse.

Monday night was HORRIBLE and long. I stayed home with her Monday and Jared stayed with her Tuesday. I don't know how a single person can raise a baby. I'm serious....my heart breaks for people that have to go through such rough times on their own. Jared is an amazing dad and without him helping me I would go CRAZY!! It is so nice to have him at home with me and our sweet little angel every single night. I have not doubt that she is the center of his world and I wouldn't want it any other way.