Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Florida Vacation Part One

Panama City Beach was so much fun! I didn't want the week to end. We went with Jared's family and had a blast. It was super pretty there and I love all the great pictures I got. Of course it helps that my favorite little model was the subject of most of my photos! She lived in her swim suit most of the week. She woke up saying she wanted to splash and went to bed talking about going to splash!

She was fearless in the water. We bought her a small kickboard and she insisted on doing it herself. I love this little pink swimsuit. It was from Old Navy (clearance buy last year) and it has a tutu. You couldn't find a suit more girly!
We swam in every pool we could find! I bought a life jacket for her because she didn't want to be held in the water and was a lot of work to hang onto. Sara had taught her to float on her back the week before so she did lots of that. She would say "I lay down in the water".

My little fish!

The best part of the vacation was Presley getting to spend the whole week with her cousins Landon and Jaden. She thinks she is as big as them and tried to copy and repeat everything they did and said. We found a small park and she got to swing of her favorite things to do! I think she looks so big in this picture. She turned 21 months while we were in Florida. She's going to be 2 before we know it!

Where else but the beach can you have sand this pretty at the playground?

This picture cracks me up. Landon was trying to keep her still so he kept his arm on top of her head. Haha....I love these three!

I have tons more pictures to share but I will share more in my next post. We had a blast and everything went great on our trip. It makes me eager to think about family vacations in the future. It's so fun to watch Presley do new things!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Panama City Beach, FL

We are not missing.....we have been on vacation! I have tons of pictures to post but we have been so busy that I haven't stopped to post any. Panama City, Florida is gorgeous and we are enjoying this week and doing some major relaxing. Here are a couple of pictures to prove just how perfect this place is....

I will post more photos soon. We are off again this morning....busy day ahead!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 weeks

I can't believe I'm already 30 weeks and this is the first belly picture we've taken! Time has gone by so fast this time. I guess because we have Presley to chase around and keep us busy. Here it at 30 weeks with our sweet baby boy!

I feel great and have the majority of the pregnancy. I was sick some at first but only every few days. And it only lasted a few weeks so that was much more pleasant than when I was pregnant with Presley! We've known this baby was a boy since 14 weeks. Well, not 100% at that time but our doctor really thought boy and it was confirmed at 17 weeks. We are so excited and blessed to be adding a baby brother to our family! I had to stick this picture in because P wanted to be in the picture so bad.
Baby brother is due to arrive August 12th - only 10 weeks from now! We are starting to get anxious and I have to get busy on getting his room ready. Hopefully that process will start soon and I'll have pictures to share of that.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day! It involved lots of time in the inflatable pool! Saturday Sara, Gavin, Amarah and Landon came over and beat the heat with some splashing. I had bought Presley a life jacket for our vacation but she insisted on wearing her "jacket" to splash. Who can argue with this sweet face? At least she's willing to wear it! A pool full of cousins....

P wanted to wear goggles like the big kids. Sara and I laughed so hard....I love this kid!

And then Monday we swam again. This time it was Presley, me and Jared. I'll save you and only post the ones of Sweet P. But yes.....she did convince momma and daddy to sit in the pool and splash. I will say it felt AMAZING. It was hot and we stayed in the pool for quiet a while.
I love how serious she looks about filling up the pool....

Mom keeps saying she looks a lot like I did when I was this age. I secretly kind of like it! She has Jared's personality so I think that makes for a perfect combo!!

There will be lots more swim pictures this summer. Presley wakes up asking to "splash" so it's safe to say it's on her mind a lot!