Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swim Fun

The night before last it was storming and we were watching for tornadoes. Last night it was 89 degrees and we let Presley splash in her pool. Gotta love Texas weather! Presley was so excited about putting on her swim suit and playing in the water. She said "momma I splash" a million times!

She was such a busy little girl that I couldn't get a picture of her face. She moves constantly and if she sees me taking her picture then she says "I see Presley" and insists I let her see herself on the camera. This girl is scared of nothing! It took her about 2 seconds to figure out if you get a running start you can make a huge splash in the pool. She giggled the whole time!

I do think we are going to have to get a bigger pool though. After a few cannon balls she had splashed out most of the water!

Ahhh....all that splashing is hard work!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Fun!

I'm cute and I know it!
I just want to eat this little girl up! I put her hair into a pony tail for the first time and she looks so big. My baby is a toddler now!

She wanted to be outside all weekend and so we played and enjoyed lots of sun and fresh air. She loves standing in Daddy's rock crawler! And I love that she will wear sunglasses. So dang cute!
And all I can say here is SASSY and getting way to big!
And I finally have started to work on getting some things for our sweet little boy's room. I found this rug at Target and loved the colors. The picture is from my phone so it's a little blurry but I want something that isn't too nursery themed and that way I can use it for a long time. So I thought this was perfect! And I think it goes well on the dark floors. I haven't bought any other decor other than this but it's a start right? We still have 14 weeks left and I plan on getting busy after we get back from vacation in June. I have lots of ideas in my head!

We have not purchased a baby bed yet but we plan on it. Presley still sleeps in hers and hasn't tried to bail out so we will be leaving her as long as we can ride that train! When I go in to get her up in the mornings she always stays laying down and sticks her feet through the slats and props them on the wall. She seems happy just chilling so we will let her! I saw this one at Babies R Us the other day and really like it. It's a dark brown, nearly black and I think it looks masculine. Presley's bed is white and girly so I want baby brother to have something that says "boy". It can make into a daybed and then a twin bed so we could get lots of use out of it!

It's my favorite so far (and I've been shopping online forever). This bedding is pretty cute too but I still think I want to go with the rug and the colors on it. That's it for now....all the remaining details are in my head but to everyone who has been asking.....I promise to get the room done before he gets here! :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing too exciting going on this week. It's gone very SLOWLY for me. I am so glad it's Friday....I am one tired chic! I had an ultrasound appointment Monday. It was the diagnostic one and everything looks good on baby brother. He's healthy and active! We took Presley with us and she was so good. She sat quiet and just watched the flatscreen on the wall. She could not have been better. We stopped for ice cream on the way home since she had been such a big girl for us! She's miss independent and HAS to eat the ice cream herself. I couldn't get her to look at me because she was too busy shoveling the spoon into her mouth!

Yesterday I went back to the doctor and did my glucose test. Yuck! It wasn't too bad drinking it (taste like orange crush) but it's so sweet that I was light headed and jittery after drinking it. So I'm a little nervous that I might not have great results. I am crossing my fingers tho! My appointment wasn't until 3:30pm so I went ALL day without eating. I know it's okay to eat protein but I was so afraid I'd accidentally eat something I shouldn't and I do not want to have to redo this test! By the time I got home I was TIRED. We have a busy weekend scheduled but hopefully there will be time for a nap!