Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1st Birthday!

My little Angel turned ONE this Friday! Pops made a cake to match our zebra theme and I think it turned out AMAZING! It could not have been more perfect! And he even made Presley a cake to match!
My sweet friend Jennifer helped me decorate the table. She's super crafty and was a great help. Most of the things we used were items one of us had already so I think we were pretty resourceful! I found these cute wooden zebras at Hobby Lobby and had no idea how I would use them until Jennifer came up with this cute idea...
I used a zebra frame and put a picture I had taken on our porch of Miss P and glassware with ornaments I already had. I found cotton candy suckers at Wal-Mart and found this sheer pink fabric at Hobby Lobby. I seriously had no set plan of how it would all tie together, but it all came together perfectly!
Granny and Pops had found these buckets with the letter "P" on them a few weeks ago and they worked perfect for the plasticware. Jennifer also had the bright idea of covering the bar with some zebra paper I had. It was so much cuter than the brown granite of my countertops.
Jennifer let me use this pretty hurricaine vase and we stuck leftover fabric from the table and a letter P that I had modge podged zebra paper on.
Presley found Pepaw's lap right away. She love her pepaw so much! I seriously think he's her favorite person.
Presley spotted a four wheeler that wasn't wrapped first thing and she was not getting off of it! I think she looks super cute in her ruffled outfit and pig tales. She's looking so much like a little girl!
I like her smile here...it confirms she was happy with the four wheeler!
And this one cracks me up. I love those blue eyes!
Presley also got a farm, puzzles, books and some cute outfits. Thank you everyone who brought her a gift. We are blessed with great family and friends!
This is one of my favorite pictures Jennifer took. I LOVE LOVE the ruffles on her bottom. And how funny is it that she has on such a girl outfit but she's riding a four wheeler?!Miss P also got a purse....covered in sequins. She loves anything that sparkles! And notice that she is still sitting on the four wheeler to open all of the other presents.
Amarah loaned us her birthday crown and I couldn't believe it but Presley didn't even try to take it off. Maybe she was distracted by the gorgeous cake in front of her instead! She was so quiet as we sang to her. She just sat there and watched but once we sat the cake down she dove right in! Oh and the zebra bib came from Hobby Lobby!
I think Presley looks SUPER grown up in this picture. She has her tongue out like her Memaw Mary!
This picture is so sweet! Presley was riding by on the four wheeler and stopped to give Granny a kiss.
And here she is telling Reed bye. She wants to touch him so bad! I have to be quick when they are together. She really likes to touch his hair!
I will post more pictures tomorrow. It has taken a while to get everything edited. And I want to say THANK YOU again to Jennifer for taking pictures for me. They are great (and they are making me want a fancy smancy camerea too!)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Our defense is dazzling, our offense is hot stuff....We're the mighty Warriors and we're tough, tough, tough! Go Landon & Jaden!
Sweet P went and spent some time with her cousins Landon and Jaden Saturday morning at their house. I got a lot of errands done and it gave them time to play together. Presley loves them so much and lights up whenever they come around, so I was more than happy for her to spend some time with them. The boys are playing pee wee football this year so Aunt Kristina got Presley her own cheerleading uniform! Love it! (It's so stinking cute....these are some pictures I stole off of her facebook.)
Presley loves hugging on the boys. Jaden is so sweet to let her crawl up in his lap. She likes to hug, kiss and pat him. It's probably a little more than he would like but he's so good with her.

The boys have a home game Saturday night so Presley will be wearing her new cheer suit to the game. She doesn't have a lot of cheer moves but she does like to shake her booty!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthday Eve

Last night Jared had to work late (until about 10 pm) so Presley and I had some girl time. We played outside for a long time and then we went inside for a bath because she was covered in dirt! She loves bathtime and is usually pretty entertaining when she's in there. I love that you can see her teeth now when she smiles!
Miss P has also learned how to blow bubbles in the water. It cracks me up and sometimes if I sing "Miss Lucy had a turtle...his name was tiny Tim. She put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim" she gets to laughing too. It is so much fun now that she is understanding and talking more. I like that she laughs at things I say!
And of course, no bath is complete without bath toys! Could she possibly fit another toy in her hand?!
After bath, Presley and I sat down to watch the "My Baby Can Read" DVD that Granny bought for her. She LOVE LOVE LOVES these DVDs. She laughs and claps and dances. Last night she was a little more mellow than usual. I think she was pretty sleepy by the time we started. But she sat in her bouncer and watched most of the DVD. I'm so glad she found the bouncer in her closet and that it made me get it out. I never thought she'd have an interest in it but she sits in it all the time.
And this is how she climbs into and out of the bouncer....
She brings so much joy to our life! I hated that Jared was gone and had to work so late but I do enjoy some girl time with her occassionally. Oh...and after Sweet P went to bed....momma watch the Grey's Anatomy season premier! I'm so glad it's fall and my show is back on!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Presley loves being outside so we go out each day after we all get home. We used to put her in the stroller and push her around but now that she's mobile she likes to walk around on her own. She'd stay out there forever if we'd let her....which is good because Jared and I both like to be outside. (Please excuse the paci, I'm guilty of giving it to her outside sometimes just to keep her from eating rocks! Hey, it works.)
Presley is looking so much like a little girl now. I think part of it are the clothes. Before she lived in onsies and now she has little jeans, and shirts and outfits. I did think it was funny this day though because she is wearing Old Navy and the shirt is a 12-18 month but the bottom capris are 3-6 month! It's so hard to know what size to buy sometimes.
Presley loves to reach into the flowerbed and touch stuff. She's washable and I know that she learns by touching things. And she's actually great help. Anytime she finds a little rock she hands it to me and she pulls up little pieces of grass. We have her trained so good!
I love her little jeans. Too cute!

And since I've been such a bad blogger lately....here are some extra pics to make up for it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I finally got a picture from Presley's baby dedication. A little late....but still so sweet! On Mother's Day at our church we have a baby dedication each year and what a blessing! I love that it's on Mother's Day! Presley was eight months old here and she was great while we were up in front of the church.
Presley has been such a blessing to us and I thank God each and every day for choosing me and Jared to be her parents! We have such a huge responsibility in raising her but it's a task that we are honored to have. It's so crazy to think that with our actions and words we are setting the foundation for the rest of her life and what she will become. I pray that we are the examples that she needs and that through us she will discover her own relationship with Christ. I pray that our words will always be encouraging and that she will become everything that God has designed her to be. I pray that she will know the deepness of our love. I love this picture and am thinking about framing it for her room. I want her to know that Jared and I made a promise to God to show her His fullness and to help her to grow in His ways!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's in the closet?

I've been working on cleaning out our closets and Presley really likes playing in them while I'm working. The other day she walked all the way down the hall, into her room and when I walked back to see what she was up to that's exactly where I found her. She had gone into her closet and found her bouncer. And she was making herself at home....
Presley was all over that thing! She is getting so brave and more coordinated each day. She is definately going to be a climber! She kept moving the hangers all around and looking at the clothes...She paid no attention to me!And then she figured out it would bounce so she held on and made it bounce up and down. It was hysterical! I thought she was going to send herself flying so I finally made her stop.
I have since put the bouncer up so she can't get hurt on it. I'm raising a daredevil....haha!