Monday, February 14, 2011


Friday we had our 14 week OB appointment. Jared and Presley went with me and when the doctor came in he asked if we wanted to peek at the baby. Of course we said YES! Seeing an ultrasound always makes me feel so much better. On the way down the hall he told us the baby had sex organs but that this early it was usually hard to tell what the sex was. We knew that already and told him we didn't care we were just happy to get to see our little one. This is a 2D picture of our little bundle. Apparently we make super active babies. This little one was moving all over the place. You can see the measurement from the head to the rump on this one and we're exactly on track!
And here is a 3D picture. I love that this baby keeps its hands by its ears. Presley does this when she is sleepy so I thought it was cute to see her little sibling doing the same.
And.....although we were not expecting it, our Dr made a prediction on the sex. He says he's 89% positive we have a baby boy. Now we know that means there's a chance this baby might actually be a girl but based on what we saw between the baby's legs our doctor is predicting boy. We honestly will be happy either way but we are excited at the idea of maybe getting to experience what raising a little boy would be like too. So....hopefully he will peek again next month at 18 weeks. If not, we will have the diagnostic ultrasound shortly after that and should know for sure by then.
Okay....check out the arrow. What do you guys think?!!! This is a picture of the placenta on the left side of the uterus, the baby on its back with its legs stretched up in the air over it. Now this could be the cord but it never moved around or changed shapes. your bets now friends!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


We are so happy to see the sun! The snow was fun for a while but now have SPRING FEVER! Today was so nice we played outside for a while. That pretty much was the highlight of our day but it was nice to not have an agenda for once.

I promise to make a more exciting post soon. We had an ultrasound yesterday and I will share the pictures. Today though...I'm enjoying time with Presley so I better get off here before she gets up from nap!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

16 Months Old

You are 16 months old! I can't believe it. You are growing up so fast! You are not acting like a baby anymore....we definately have a toddler on our hands! You are such a sweet and pretty little girl. We are super proud of you!
You wear 18-24 month shirts and 18 month pants. You wear a size 4 diaper and size 5 shoes. You are still a great sleeper and a good eater. You weigh 24 lbs and are 29 inches tall. You talk constantly and have added lots of new words this month. You are definately learning to express yourself and occassionally we have a melt down when you want something you can't have. But you are still an incredibly happy girl and you make us smile!
This month you have been playing with your baby non-stop. Your favorite is this doll that was your cousin Amarah's. She never liked dolls much so this baby got passed down to you and you LOVE it! You do everything with your baby. I've even been letting you sleep with her during naps. You've never had a toy or blanket in your crib because I didn't want you to get attached to something you would have to have to sleep. But you're just too darn cute for me to take the baby away. You give her drinks from your sippie cup, you wrap her in a washcloth like a blanket, you even have a doll high chair for her that was mine when I was little. You two are definately buddies!
You like to point our all of her facial features like you are doing here - eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hair. And you give her lots of kisses! You are so sweet!