Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 months old

My sweet little angel you are 6 months old! You are growing up so quickly. Every day it seems like you are learning something new and changing so much!

You wear 6-9 month clothes now and they are much more fashionable than the onsies you've been sporting. Each morning I actually have to spend time putting an outfit together. No more just grabbing something random out of the drawer. Your clothes now all seem to be actual outfits. And of course each one has a matching bow!
Life as a 6 month old is exhausting. Even waiting on dinner sometimes requires a nap.
You love being outside and really love it if daddy pulls you in the wagon. That was the best thing ever for me to get you and daddy. The weather has been amazing and the wagon has been racking up miles.
And now I have to pay attention because you are never where I leave you! You have been rolling and rolling and rolling around for about a month. I don't know how the concrete floor doesn't bother you but you don't seem to mind.
You love to bake....well at least you love to watch me bake. I sit you in the bumbo on the counter and you grab whatever I will let you and entertain yourself. Usually I give you a plastic measuring spoon but in this picture you had grabbed the box and started to gum it to death. Hahaha
Taking your pictures this month was a little more difficult. You wanted to grab the camera so I had to work quickly! I love your little legs. They are chubby and sweet. I know once you start crawling around they will slim up but I love them. And enjoy it baby girl because when you're grown, dimples in certain places are not desirable!
You can sit up like a big girl now! The day you were six months old I decided to see if you could and you impressed me by doing it right away. You do best when you have a toy or something in front of you to keep you focused. If something behind you catches your attention and you turn around then you tumble but for the most part you are going great!
We have been blessed with such a happy girl. You smile constantly and bring sunshine into our lives. Nothing will ever take the place of your sweet smile in our hearts.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hanging with Dad

This week has been crazy and Jared has been the one to pick Presley up nearly all week. We have a routine where we each have certain days but this week that was out the window. It's been Daddy duty all week! I am so thankful that Jared doesn't mind a bit about keeping Presley. Jared is a great Dad and a HUGE help to me.

One day earlier this week, it was close to 70 degrees and when I pulled up at home this is how I found them....look how tiny Presley looks in the wagon! She was perfectly content.
Yep, Daddy had loaded Presley up in her Wagon, put on her sunglasses, and pulled the Suzuki out of the shop. I know Jared's been getting Spring Fever and he's been talking about where we can go for our first Rock Crawling Trip of the summer. I guess washing it means that he's getting it ready! Presley didn't seem to mind at all.
In fact, this bottom picture shows what she did to pass time. Lately she's been tapping her right foot on everything. She tapped it the WHOLE time we were outside. It was cracking us up!
Presley is huge outdoor fan and we've already put lots of miles on the wagon. I can't wait for this summer....we'll have so much fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

JBF Mckinney Sale

Oh...I'll stick this on here real quick. I went to the Just Between Friends (JBF) Consignment Sale in Mckinney this week. For those of you who don't know about this....YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

First let me warn you that the following qualities would be of great help:

  • strong feet that will allow you to stand in lines for long amounts of time (I did this last year when I was pregnant...not fun! My back was killing me and I was only 13 weeks. I can't imagine doing it when you're really pregnant but trust me there are women there who are so near labor it's scary.)

  • be able to deal with other obnoxious mommies who have the same desire to score greatly discounted items for their babies

  • be willing to dig through mounds of items and operate under the "my hands were on it first...back off honey" rule

  • the best quality to have it a sister who will take one side of the store while you take the other and not only load up items for her sweet children but for yours as well

So a JBF sale may not be for all of you...but look what I scored! Jared was so proud. He's mega tight-wad and I think he was slightly turned on that Momma had found such amazing deals for little P.

Both of these toys were $5 each. Seriously.....They have a few minor scrapes but who cares. My little girl will be walking in no time and now she has toys to help her do it!

And this item....act surprised if Presley unwraps it in Sept for her birthday. It's brand new still in the box. I took it out to make sure it was all there and it's never even been unwrapped. Yeah! Presley gets a pink Pony once she learns to walk. Oh I paid $20 and it retails for $32.99 at Target.
These toys were random but the phone was $3, the top was $3 and the high chair toy was $1. Luckily the high chair toy was only a buck because I've already let Presley play with it and it really makes her mad that it sticks to the tray and she can't pick it up. So I may be selling it back at the next sale! HA

And somehow I refrained for overloading on clothes. Last year I didn't know boy or girl yet so instead I helped my sister and we loaded up for Amarah. But this year I kept repeating to myself that Presley has a ton of clothes. This helped me to be very picky and to only puchase items that I really thought we needed. Several of these still had the tags on them. There weren't very many brand name clothes this year...maybe a sign of the economic times? Not sure but I'm happy with the items I did get and I'll list the prices for those of you who are going to ask! Sorry I didn't snap a picture of the clothes before I washed and put them up.

Bikini with tags still on it $6

Old Navy Jeans $8

Old Navy Denim Capris $3

Circo Denim Shorts $4

Gap Tank and Shorts $10

Clean up!

Since I've shown you how messy Presley can be I'll show you how much she likes getting cleaned up. Bathtime is her favorite...and nothing works better than the kitchen sink!
Presley is fascinated by the faucet. After I turn the water off she always looks the facuet over like she's trying to figure out where the water went!
And of course she has to nose around the bottle dryer and the dirty dishes in the sink next to her (I cropped those out....I couldn't stand for you to see the mess! Presley gets cleaned first each night....then the dishes).
I can't wait for swimming this summer. Presley LOVES the water and we have a cute suit that our sweet friends Kate and Hudson gave us at Presley's shower. My little water baby will be so cute!

One Messy Eater

Presley has come a long way. I remember not too long ago posting pictures of her red faced and screaming at the idea of eating baby food. Now...a mere 2 months later, she goes into little birdie mode as soon as she gets in the chair. She flops her mouth open and keeps it that way until she's full. This little girl likes to eat! And the more we do it the more she wants to help. Forget the bibs....we're already stripping down to our diaper for easier cleanup!

Presley lets me feed her with the spoon pretty good but she's started sticking her fingers in her mouth between bites and this never turns out good. It always starts out a little messy.....
And it goes down hill FAST!
Especially when we are eating something like's really obvious. I must say the prunes do bring out those blue eyes! Granted she is messy but she's a great eater.
I mean come on, how can you get onto a girl this dang cute?!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Daddy and Presley Get A Toy

I need to start a whole blog called Daddy's girl. Seriously, I have so many pictures of these two. But I love it....and let me tell you Jared Hicks is one proud and sweet daddy! And of course he thinks he's daughter is super smart (and I agree) so he's been working on getting her to stand up. She looks so dang big! And what if she does start walking crazy would that be?! Hahaha
My sweet family!
After the wedding and watching Jared drag Presley around the yard in the wagon we had borrowed from Charlie I couldn't help myself but to get a wagon of our own. And let me who knew a Radio Flyer would cost so much?! I know it will be worth it though and yesterday when I was getting ready in the bathroom for church I could hear Jared pulling Presley around the house. Life couldn't be any sweeter!
The first ride....
And then last night Jared working on Presley with standing again....I keep telling him "you teach her to walk get to chase her!"

Eric's Wedding

Jared's brother Eric got married on Saturday so most of our weekend revolved around that. Presley and Jared were both in the wedding and I got to play the part of super proud wife/mom! I tried to take some pictures throughout the day but I did not take any during the ceremony. So hopefully I'll get some of those on here soon. But for now....

Kristina you rock! I think this picture turned out great. Quit your day job and start a business! Hahaha
And the rest of these are pretty random....and no I have not edited them yet so bear with me! Oh and please note how many people it took to entertain Presley while we waited for the wedding to start!

Pepaw and Zachary were on duty here...
And there are some weird shadows in the picture but I still think it's sweet. And if I had a dollar for everyone who had to have someone else help with their tie....
Zachary and Ethan playing around....that's a little scary!
Granny and Pops (Jared's parents) with Presley...
Presley showing Granny how she's a big girl and has been practicing standing up...
Presley trying to steal Aunt Lisa's flower....
Landon being a gentleman and taking care of Memaw Mary and Presley...
Grandma (my mom) with Presley during the reception...
Presley got to ride down the aisle in a wagon pulled by her super cute cousin Jaden. And somehow I didn't get a picture of that....I know, I know! I'll track one down and put it on here soon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Girl are some more pictures of Babycakes! These are some of my favorite. There are lots more but I didn't want to be too proud a mom and post all of them. Presley did soooo good when we did pictures Saturday. I love her baby blue eyes and her endless smile!

Last night when we were sitting on the couch with Presley asleep between us, Jared asked me if I loved her more than I had thought I would. I couldn't even find words to start describing how I feel about my sweet little girl. I thought I'd blow up with excitement the 9 months I was pregnant. Now that she's here I can't kiss her or hold her or watch her enough. Jared and I both catch each other standing over her crib just watching her sleep. She's growing so fast that I try to take in every little detail so that I can always remember how innocent and perfect she is.
I hope that one day she truly understands that our greatest blessing was when she was given to us. But like everyone told us....she won't even begin to comprehend it until she has a little blessing of her own. We love you sweet precious child!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Last Bath

We've worked really hard to make a bedtime routine for Presley. And I can already tell this is a little girl that will need a routine as she gets older. I'm hoping that this isn't an indication that she's going to be a Type A like her momma! Every night Presley gets baby food, then a bath, then a bottle. Then if all goes's off to Dream land for this little cupcake.

Last night however, I made the decision that bathtime in the kitchen shall come to an end. At least for now....When we brought Presley home her little 7lb 4 oz body fit perfectly in the sink. She was so little!
It didn't take long before she got too big for that so we bought a plastic tub that we have been filling with water and sitting on the counter. I set up a little assembly line each night....the tub, a towel, diaper cream, diaper, lotion, and pajamas. Took a little set up/clean up time but it worked.

Now that Presley is 5 months old she's slightly bigger. Haha! Okay....she's now 15 lbs and 25 inches long. So she takes up a lot more room!

Notice the droplets of water splahing above her feet. This is the current issue at hand and the reason I've called off kitchen baths. Presley loves baths and has turned into one splashing machine!
Well, that and also the fact that she's too long for the counter! So bathtime will now be moved to the actual bath tub. Once Presley gets to where she can sit up I'll think about the sink again. Of course, since this was the "last bath" I had to take some pics. Notice the mohawk Presley has here.....that's the work of Daddy!
I have been reading Lord Change My Attitude Before It's Too Late and last night the chapter had the verse "I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am" Philippians 4:11. The chapter talked about having a content attitude and thriving with what God has provided for us. This morning as I was getting ready I couldn't help but look at Presley playing with my socks (yes....believe it or not she plays with them every morning) and think about how simple little things can make her happy. My prayer this morning is that I will take what I'm handed and be content.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flower Pictures

I remember saying at lunch on Sunday that Presley came out with a bow on her head so when I looked back at these pictures we had taken Saturday, I'm glad we did some shots without one. I love her with a hairbow but I also want to remember how sweet and soft her little hair is.

Yes, she seems to be growing more on top that anywhere else....and yes Daddy makes her a mowhawk every night during her bath, and yes I joke that if it keeps growing pretty soon I'll be able to give her a comb-over. But more than anything I want to remember how when she's sleepy she rubs her hair and how soft and shiny it is. So I'm glad that I have these shots to remind me!