Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Christmas Pics

Okay...I told you there would be lots of pics so I'll just let them mainly speak for themselves. But I will say we had lots of fun! Can't you tell by this little girl's face?
We had lots of visitors and I tried to snap pictures through the weekend. This is a "Cousins" picture. :-)
 And I know I post lots of pictures of Presley but here's one more!
 Gavin was super pumped about his bow and arrow from Papa and MeMe. 
Presley was careful to remove every little piece of paper from the presents. I bet next year she doesn't take such care!
My sister, Sara helped Westin open his gifts. He has on his tiger hat from Papa and MeMe. 
 Trying out the toy food she got for her kitchen set. 
Amarah...need I say more? haha
 My stepmom, Amarah, Gavin, Presley, Westin and my dad.
And it wouldn't be Christmas without something crazy from Sara. Here she is demonstrating to Amarah how to twirl a baton. one was injured!
And perhaps my favorite picture of all....Presley is pretty much potty trained so she goes to the bathroom by herself most of the time now. After the presents were opened and everything was winding down, Presley came out of the bathroom and back into the living room looking like this...
After her I told her I was super proud of her for going by herself and her efforts to tuck her shirt in on her own. I love that girl!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Preview

How much do I love Christmas?!?! This year was by far the best because my little Sweet Pea was big enough to be in awe of everything....the lights, the food, the gifts! I have lots of pictures so probably most of my post this week will include pictures from Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year so I do not feel bad about devoting a whole week of blog post to it!

Presley loved unwrapping presents! She is showing off her mermaids that she got to play in the bath tub. I've had a camera in this poor baby's face so much she thinks it's natural. Now she's the one saying "Take my picture momma".  When she grows up to be a photographer, I want the credit! 
Westin is such a laid back little guy. He did lots of watching this year. Look how long those legs are! 
Of course we sang Happy Birthday Jesus on Christmas morning. We used cinnamon rolls but next year I promise to make a birthday cake. I know I should have but we always have cinnamon rolls on Sunday mornings so I just went with that this time. I love that Presley knows Christmas is Jesus's birthday. 
This picture might be my favorite picture from the entire weekend. I love these kids! They are growing way too fast. Amarah (5), Gavin (6), Presley (2), and Westin (4 mon). It started out with me saying Gavin could hold Westin because he is the oldest but as I was getting my camera I heard Amarah say that she was going to hold Westin's legs. When I turned around I HAD to capture this. I am so thankful my sister and her sweet babies live so close and are a huge part of my life. It's always crazy when they are all together but it's CRAZY FUN! 
Presley was a ham. She wanted her picture taken every time she did something. Here she had just tried on her princess house shoes from Aunt Deb. I love how she always has to pose!
I used pink and purple for the tree this year because I had left over Deco Mesh from Presley's first birthday. I love this stuff on the tree but I'm already thinking next year I will go a little more traditional and do a green and red tree. Maybe next year I'll actually put presents under the tree. I was just afraid it would be too much temptation for Presley! 
This was on my bar and probably my favorite decoration. I love snowman, I love this little rustic and simple tree, and I did my first printable and put it in a $3 clearance frame from TJMaxx. The frame was gold so I painted it black and distressed it a little so tiny amounts of gold would show through. The verse on the printable is "and suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.  Luke 2:113-14". One of my favorite Christmas verses! I can't wait to go through the million pics on my camera and get them posted this week. I know it's probably going to be overload but I LOVE CHRISTMAS! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

A little behind on my blogging but I have lots of pictures so I hope to catch up soon. We have been busy lately and I know it will get crazier as Christmas gets closer. Presley has taken a huge interest in Santa this year and although we aren't pushing her to believe in Santa we don't have a problem with it. I know there are all kinds of opinions but I think if you keep Christ in your lives year round, then your child can separate that from the one night a year Santa is played up. To me it's no different than your child watching cartoons where the characters have magical powers, etc. Besides if you ask her what Christmas is about she will answer "It's baby Jesus' birthday". So I think we will be fine.

Last night was the Christmas Program and Kid's Kastle where Presley goes to daycare. It was super cute! All the kids were dressed up and they sang Christmas songs. Presley and the other toddlers had chairs to sit in on the front row and she spent most of her time turned around watching the other kids. I'm pretty sure she didn't sing a single word. But she was still cute! And after the performance, there were cookies and Santa showed up to see the kids!
Westin seemed content hanging out with his Daddy and talking to the other guys about deer hunting. While they did that, Presley and I stood in a VERY long line to see the man of the hour. He was great! After we finally got up there it was clear why the line was so long. He was practically telling each kid a story. I hear him telling P about how the reindeer fly onto our roof. Priceless!
She doesn't look excited in this picture but I am telling you she said "I want to see Santa" a thousand times before it was our turn. She is starting to get past being shy but she didn't say a peep to this guy.
This was at the end where she was starting to warm up to him. I am so thankful for such an amazing day care where my babies are cared for, loved, and taught. I love that they pray before their meals, they sing and dance, play outside, and most importantly they get to be kids. There are lots more Christmas pictures I want to share so I will post more tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Check Up

Yesterday was Westin's 4 month check up. Yep...that's what I thought. How can my little man be FOUR months old?! Presley went with us and of course was entertainment for Westin while we waited. She keep asking where Dr Lips was. (His name is Dr Lipscomb. haha)

Dr Lipscomb said that Westin is perfect. I could have told him that! My sweet boy now weighs 13.6 oz and is 25.5 inches long. He is in the 12th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. Tall and skinny!
Dr Lipscomb didn't see any teeth even though this boy has been drooling and chewing his hands like crazy. And he said that his dry skin is eczema. Poor boy... he feels like a reptile but are going to start coating him in Cetaphil lotion every night. And we now have a steroid cream to use on the really irritated parts like behind his knees.
He got three vaccination shots and an oral vaccination. He only cried for a minute after the shots and Presley told EVERYONE we saw the rest of the day that "brother got shots and he cried". She's my little reporter!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Blood and Drool

This weekend was pretty low key. It rained a lot so we stayed inside. The most exciting part of our weekend was when Presley got hurt. Gavin and Amarah were over and the three of them were having a blast. I'd told them to slow down a few times and of course.....I was right. Someone did get hurt! Presley tried to run around the kitchen table and just as I had told them.....running and concrete floors don't mix. Presley ran into the wood window seal in the dining room. There was blood all over her face and I honestly was really close to freaking out! I'm usually good with things like this but it was a pretty good gash and I thought it was all the way through her lip. After the screaming and bleeding slowed down, I could tell that her skin was busted on the outside and the inside of her lip. I don't think it was all the way through tho. Yikes!
I tried to get a pic at home but she wouldn't be still. Finally I snapped this one at Wal-Mart. I know it's not that massive but when it's on my baby girl's face it is!
And as for Westin....he spent his weekend trying to chew his hand off. I had him laying in the floor playing for a while and when I put him on the changing table to change his diaper I died laughing at his shirt. Look at how much he had drooled! This boy HAS to be working on some teeth! His 4 month check up is tomorrow so I am anxious to see if Dr Lipscomb can see any teeth in our future. And look how much his face has filled out. I can't wait to see how much he's grown!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Friday

This week has flown by. Mom had her mastectomy on Wednesday so our week has revolved around that. I am happy to say that she did amazing, looks amazing and seems like herself! We are so thankful for all of our sweet friends who have prayed for mom and have been there for her through all of this. We are so blessed!
And speaking of blessings....this picture shows what a typical day at home looks like for me. Presley is such a good sister and Westin loves her entertainment. I am one lucky momma!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm still alive...I swear!

I know I've been MIA for about 10 weeks now. I have a million excuses but I'm sure they are all lame. But I will say I have been spending my time loving my sweet babies and that is way important than anything. Hopefully though, the harassment I received from Aunt Mary and Don over the holidays will be motivation for me to get back to posting regular. Besides, I think I have the hang of TWO children now. is a little more manageable these days! And please note by the following pictures that Presley is a huge help. Sometimes a little too helpful but for the most part she is crazy sweet to Westin.

Time has gone by so fast. I honestly never thought I'd be at home for this long but now that I have been I realize how precious this time is. Presley is now barely two years old....going on 16. Seriously how pretty is this little girl?
And look at this handsome little man? Westin will be FOUR months old in just a few days. Yikes!
Okay...that was pretty painless and didn't take to long. So Mary and Don, I think I shall post again tomorrow. :-)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am working on my blog please don't give up on me. I decided that since we now are a familiy of FOUR that my blog needed some revamping. So I'm trying to learn to do that myself. Last time I just paid someone....I will say it crossed my mind but since I am staying at home until I find a job I figure I better keep myself on a budget. I promise to have this up and running soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 weeks old

I've been a horrible blogger but it's because I have been busy loving on my new little man! Westin is a snuggler and I love it. I just might be guilty of holding him at all times! He has grown so much these first four weeks. And just like Presley, his dark hair is falling out. I'm guessing he's going to be sandy blonde like her but we will see!

One big difference between him and Presley is he LOVES the swing. She hated it and would scream and throw up every time I tried to put her in it. It's nice to be able to put him in it once in a while and sometimes after nothing has worked to stop his crying....the swing does the trick. Overall he is a good sleeper. Most nights he eats at 10, 2 and then 5. And then he stays up! He's a little fussy between 5 and 7am but I'm sure this too shall pass. Or at least I'm hoping. Now that we are kind of in a routine...I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

He's here!

Westin Tanner Hicks arrived Friday at 1:56pm. We were scheduled to start the induction at 6am so we got to the hospital bright and early Friday morning. They got things started and it was a slow morning. I had some issues with my blood pressure but they got that straightened out and then we just waited for things to happen. Just like with Presley the pictocin had good contractions going but I wasn't really dilating at all. Then at 1:00 pm I begged Jared to go and get him some lunch. We were seriously thinking it would be much later before Westin decided to arrive. soon as Jared got downstairs I told my nurse that I was feeling some pressure...she checked me...and then my doctor came in and checked me...and in the ten minutes Jared had been gone things had happened! Aunt Deb called Jared on his phone, he didn't believe her so my doctor got on the phone, and Jared still thought they were joking so they passed the phone to me and I only had to tell him once and he headed back to our room. It only took four pushes and he was out! He was 7.8lbs and 21 inches long. He was nice and pink and crying nice and loud so we knew he was healthy. The cord was tangled around his neck and legs but because he came out so quickly it wasn't an issue. It scared me to see it around him but thankful he was good. I had some issues with the placenta but my doctor is awesome and took care of things. Let's just say THANK YOU JESUS that I had an epidural. I would have had an awful experiece with that little complication had I not had it. So again, thank you Lord!

We all did great and Westin is a super eater! Presley is so proud of him. She wasn't sure at first but now she is all over him. She wanted to hold him and carry him so we'll have to keep our eyes on her!
I have tons of pictures and will try and post soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Maternity Pics

I'm still pregnant! I really had my hopes up Thursday when my doctor said it would be soon. But I guess baby brother isn't quiet ready to meet the world yet. And that's okay...only God knows the exact day and time my precious little boy will join us! For now here are the maternity pictures that my friend Natalie Garrison of NG Photography did for us. I LOVE them!

I had a belly picture like this when I was pregnant with Presley so I LOVE that we now have one with Presley's hand on her baby brother! I could just eat that little hand up!
And I will admit it...I think we look alike in this picture.

Ignore the belly here....and look at this gorgeous little face! I know I'm partial but how cute is she?! My little cupcake isn't a baby anymore!

And no photo shoot is complete without sunflowers! But let me tell you it was hot. We were sweaty and Presley was super serious. But we got some good shots.

And I love this one too....I know I keep saying that but I do. I'm so glad we did this shoot!

And after Presley decided she was no longer interested in pictures or being sweaty in the heat, Jared took her for ice cream and Natalie and I did some pics of just me.

Not your traditional maternity shoot but I went that route last time so we decided to venture out and be a little more creative this time around. And I'm so glad we did. I'm happy happy with my pictures! Yeah for a friend who is super talented and willing to spend her Saturday morning with me!