Sunday, August 7, 2011

He's here!

Westin Tanner Hicks arrived Friday at 1:56pm. We were scheduled to start the induction at 6am so we got to the hospital bright and early Friday morning. They got things started and it was a slow morning. I had some issues with my blood pressure but they got that straightened out and then we just waited for things to happen. Just like with Presley the pictocin had good contractions going but I wasn't really dilating at all. Then at 1:00 pm I begged Jared to go and get him some lunch. We were seriously thinking it would be much later before Westin decided to arrive. soon as Jared got downstairs I told my nurse that I was feeling some pressure...she checked me...and then my doctor came in and checked me...and in the ten minutes Jared had been gone things had happened! Aunt Deb called Jared on his phone, he didn't believe her so my doctor got on the phone, and Jared still thought they were joking so they passed the phone to me and I only had to tell him once and he headed back to our room. It only took four pushes and he was out! He was 7.8lbs and 21 inches long. He was nice and pink and crying nice and loud so we knew he was healthy. The cord was tangled around his neck and legs but because he came out so quickly it wasn't an issue. It scared me to see it around him but thankful he was good. I had some issues with the placenta but my doctor is awesome and took care of things. Let's just say THANK YOU JESUS that I had an epidural. I would have had an awful experiece with that little complication had I not had it. So again, thank you Lord!

We all did great and Westin is a super eater! Presley is so proud of him. She wasn't sure at first but now she is all over him. She wanted to hold him and carry him so we'll have to keep our eyes on her!
I have tons of pictures and will try and post soon!


  1. O my stinkin' cute! West and Miss P are gonna be BFF!