Friday, July 29, 2011

38 weeks

38 weeks! I have the whole cd from my maternity shoot now but my computer is loading painfully slow. I just don't have the patience to sit here that long today. I promise to load them all later! Here's one of them....
I had a dr appointment yesterday afternoon. I am 38 weeks today and was dialated only to 2.5 but my cervix is already super thin and bulging...which would explain the pressure and back pain I've been having for about 2 days now. My doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if I went to the hospital last night but....we didn't end up there. After my appointment though I was having some MAJOR back pain and contractions but they quit. I was definately thinking if things kept progressing like that we were going to be ready soon. For now...we'll see what happens. My doctor said he really thinks by the weekend baby brother will be here. Who knows though! If not....we still have an induction scheduled for next Friday. Today I am trying to enjoy my sweet little girl while I can give her all my attention. And she is eating is up! I better go finish spoiling her. :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a swinging!

We have gotten most of our baby stuff out...because it's a little over FOUR weeks until baby brother will be here! Presley thinks everything is new and for her so she's been pretty entertained lately. I just hope she's willing to share when her brother arrives! She seems the most interested in the car seat and the baby swing. Now granted she HATED the swing and threw up every time we tried it when she was little. But she seems to like it now....

She has been swinging her cat a lot lately.....
And also just hanging out in it herself!

And I had to throw this pic in because I didn't have a lot to say today. Thought it might be worth a good laugh to see Presley in her Daddy's shoes! She likes to put our shoes on and then say "I go bye bye...see ya later!" and pretend she's about to head somewhere.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow! Hopefully I've gained a few pounds so I can get out of the doghouse with my doctor. And cross your fingers that baby boy will have his head down. He's stressing me out by waiting til the last minute to get into position! I know there is still time but I am anxious to know we are good to go. His bedding should be in tonight. I'll post a picture if it shows up!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend! Saturday we did a maternity photo shoot with my sweet and super talented friend Natalie Garrison of NG Photography. We did maternity pics when I was pregnant with Presley so we had to do it this time too. I wasn't as excited about showing my stomach this time so we decided to include Presley and do a little different style. I haven't gained as much weight this time but I'm just not feeling as cute as last time! :-) Presley was super shy when we first got started. Natalie met us in the park and we played around for a little trying to get P to come out of her shell. She was pretty solomn most of the shoot but I think we still might have gotten some good shots!

It was over 100 degrees on Saturday so we hit a few locations and then sent Jared and Presley off to get icecream (because we had bribed her with the promise of it) and we headed to do some pictures of just me. We ended up at Carpenter's Bluff bridge and it turned out to be just what we both were wanting! I had so much fun and owe Natalie for being such a great photographer. We climbed down the river bank and poor Natalie ended up barefoot and tromping though some gross mud to get some good shots for me. Thank you Natalie!!! After our photo shoot Presley (who was not interested in having her picture taken) was playing photographer ALL weekend. I thought this picture was too cute. She kept picking up random things and saying "I take your picture" and "1...2...3..". She does the cutest things and copies everything! I know she is learning so much right now and it cracks me up to see her copy things that I take for granted and don't think about.

Like these pics (sorry about the resolution they are from my phone). I was folding laundry and Presley put on some of Jared's socks. She is really into dressing herself these days and is actually pretty good at it. They were huge on her but she was soooo proud of herself. And so cute!

Look how big they were! And she's into posing so when I asked to take her picture she immediately backed against the wall.

And I just like her expression in this one and the huge sock! :-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random pics

I was cleaning off my camera card and found some random pictures that don't really warrant a whole post so I thought I'd throw them on here. Probably boring to most of you reading but I wanted to remember. The other night when we were watering plants and trees in the yard we found a baby bird (which later turned into us finding 3 baby birds). Bless it's heart it was not a cutie. Can you see the fuzz on top of it's head? We put it on the table while we looked for a nest or where it came from. He seemed fine but sat perfectly still. It was crazy how still he could be!

Of course Presley being the little momma that she is wanted to hold and carry it around. Jared sat down with her so she could see it up close. She kept telling it to "come here" and didn't understand why she couldn't take it as her own! Jared's face is hysterical here and he will hate this pic but I love her little expression. He was making chirping noises and of course she was doing the same! The bird just sat there and looked at them like they were crazy.
Other random picture.....later that night I was putting up laundry and things and I sent Presley to her room to put up her shoes. She's like me and takes them off as soon as we are inside. I told her to take them to her room and later when I went to look this is what I found. Technically inside her room. But only by a few tiny inches! Guess next time I'll be more specific!

I am not complaining though. She is a big helper and likes to take dirty laundry down to the "wash the clothes". That's what she calls washer and dryer. I guess because I always say "I have to wash the clothes". I love how she picks up on things.

Okay...enough of the randomness. Just had to document before I deleted from my camera.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a pretty low key Fourth of July but it was still a great one. We stayed at home and splashed in the blow up pool, did some work in the yard and just spent some time together just the three of us.

Mom bought this outfit for Presley about a month ago and I have been dying to take her picture in it for the Fourth. I am so excited that Presley has started asking me to put bows in her hair! She wore them so good when she was tiny and they were on a headband. They she didn't want them at all about the time she turned one. She would rip them out as soon as I would stick one in. But lately....she has asked me for a bow and will leave it in all day! She even cried when I told her she didn't need to wear it to nap in. I know I'm paranoid but I am afraid she will take it out and put it in her mouth during nap!

She has also started doing some major modeling when you get the camera out. She likes to pretend to take your picture and she loves getting hers taken! And she really likes to ham it up these days. She also does this same face when you tell her not to do something....I think she knows it's cute and might get her out of trouble!

I think she looks so big in this picture! Everyone keeps telling me to wait until the baby gets here and then she will seem even bigger! My little cupcake is growing up too fast!

We spent a whopping $4 on fireworks. Haha....we had Presley talking about fireworks all evening and when we got them home she was so excited. We had a tank, two chickens, a frog and sparklers. Jared lit a chicken first and it blew fire out its rear end and then screamed. It freaked Presley out...probably my fault for not warning her about the insane noise the cute little cardboard chicken was about to make. She was not too excited about the remaining firework show we did and was ready to go inside. We watched fireworks on tv after that and she did like those. And this morning when I was putting here in the truck I asked her if she remembered the fireworks from last night. She said "Yeah, they said pow!" and was I don't think we scared her too bad. :-)