Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Pics

Thank you, thank you to my sweet friend Jennifer for taking our Christmas card pictures! I'm not going to post the actual picture I used because I just mailed all of my cards. I'll post it in a few days. Also a big thank you to Aunt Lisa who got Presley this pretty Christmas dress. She looks so grown up in it!
Two more days and I'm off for Christmas...I have plans to bake plenty of goodies and to do lots of snuggling with Presley. I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. It's been so busy lately that it's just now hitting me how close Christmas really is!
Presley is going to be so much fun this year! I already had to put up the presents from under the tree because she unwrapped two presents last weekend! Yeah...she's already got it figured out.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

14 months...and some

I'm a little behind on this post. Presley, you are 14 months old. You are getting to be so big and independent. You are still a happy girl and full of energy. You bring smiles to me and Daddy all day long!
You wear 12-18 month jeans, 18 months shirts, size 5 shoe and size 4 diapers. You have grown so much this month. You can say "momma, dadda, bye, hi, juice, milk, outside, ball, bow (hairbow), no-no, baby, dog, shoes, bite, cookie" and jabbers other words a lot! You know how to get our attention and are good at making sure we know what you want. You will lead me into the kitchen and point at the cabinet that has your snacks in them and say "cookie". When you don't want something you say "no-no" and turn your head. You are a good communicator!
You still love being outside although it's cold now so we don't get to go outside as much. You don't nap great at daycare or with memaw but you will still take 2 naps for me here at home on the weekends. You sleep from about 8pm-7:30am each night. I am so happy you are a good sleeper!
You have learned how to climb up into the rocker in your room and the chairs by the kitchen table. You can't climb into the couch yet but you can get down. You are not scared of much!
You are definately all girl. You like baby dolls, purses, bracelets and anything that is shiney! You love to give kisses but you only like to snuggle at night when you are tired. You are a busy lady and don't have much time to just sit with me and daddy.
We love you so much Presley! You are a blessing and we thank God each day for picking us to be your parents. You bring joy into lives!
We love you our little Sweet Pea!

Elf On A Shelf

Presley got a package in the mail today from her Aunt Paula. She wasted no time tearing into it! I started one corner for her and she immediately had it figured out. Christmas is going to be so much fun this year! The package was an "Elf On A Shelf". I had never seen it before but I think it's a fun tradition. Each year around Christmas, you read the book and remind your child that Santa sends an elf to our house to watch to see if they are being good. Then you hide the elf in places throught the house (just out of reach) for the child to spot. Now that we have it, I've had a few friends tell me how much their kids love it. I'm super excited and think it will be lots of fun!
Presley doesn't seem to care that this little elf is here on Santa's behalf but I know she will in years to come. This year....she's convinced it's her baby. As soon as she opened the box she started saying "baby, baby". She loves books so she brought me the book and we read it first thing.
Then we took the "baby" out of the box and she played and played with it. We are supposed to name it and register on the company's website. So far, I've been refering to him as Leland. Not sure why...but it's looking like that is going to be his name. Seems like a good elf name, right?
Presley is currently convinced everything is a phone so she did put him to her ear and say "hell0" a couple of times. It cracks me up. She does this with everything!
And because she thinks this is her baby, poor Leland got lots of kisses!
I know Presley doesn't seem to be worried about what this guy is reporting to Santa this year, but I went ahead and stuck him on the mantle. Might as well get this tradition started right.
Paula, I love this gift and think it will be fun for many years to come! Thank you!