Sunday, July 25, 2010


First of all...I know this background is ugly! The cute giraffe background I did have was removed from the site I use so now I need to find another one. I just haven't had time. Hopefully tonight I can get the site fixed back up. Sorry for the ugliness of the page and hopefully these CUTE pictures will make up for it! Jared's mom, Susan has been telling us about a field in Whitewright that was planted with sunflowers. We got up early Sunday morning and drove over there before to get some pictures. The flowers have wilted a lot but I'm glad we went. And yes, we still made it to church.....productive morning!
I put the words to "You are my sunshine" on some of them. It's my song for Miss P. I have no idea why but when she was tiny and would scream her head off at night, I'd rock and sing it to her. It's so weird but sometimes now I can sing it and she'll close her little eyes and snuggle. She probably has to shut her eyes to bear my singing but I like to think that it's our little song. :-)
We took her rocking chair and she thought she was big stuff sitting in it! The crazy part is it wouldn't fit in my trunk and it only fit in my back seat after Jared twisted and tried every possible way. I love my car....but they weren't joking when they classified it as compact. haha!
Presley loved the flowers and wanted to touch them and was in a great mood. It was easy to get smiles and it made me proud to have such a happy girl!
I've already had lots of questions about her dress. It's from Target (bet you would never have guessed that). I had actually bought it for her studio pictures a few weeks ago but even though it says 12 months it was still too big. We used it yesterday though because I thought it would look pretty against the yellow flowers.
I think this picture is so sweet.....
And we seriously didn't pose or try to look a certain way in the pictures. We just played with Presley and snapped pictures of each other. And got some great shots!
This picture is one of my favorties. I like that you can only see part of me and that Presley has such a big smile.
And I think this is the one I've decided to have enlarged for a frame in my kitchen. She's so happy in this picture and the flowers are pretty and bright. I think it will add color to the kitchen and I'll love having a picture of my sweet pea on the counter.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Presley is getting better at entertaining herself these days. She still wants you to be close and paying attention to her but she will venture off a little and play with toys now. I snapped some pics of her playing in her room the other day. I just ran across them and am playing with the cinema feature on my editing software. I like how they look so I want to share:
I bought this exersaucer at a consignment store in mint condition! It was $40 dollars and retails for closer to $100 and when we were in the store the day I bought it I put Miss P in it and she was tearing it up. Yeah, well now that we own it....not so much. She will play for a short time but then she wants out. She honestely spends more time standing outside of it playing with the toys. (Same with the jumperoo we have.)
I try to play with Presley in her room each day at least for a little bit. I want her to know that it's her room and hopefully one day we can keep most of her toys in there instead of the living room!
We are completely mobile now. She finally has proper crawling form! Haha...for the longest time she would crawl a few steps and then army crawl. Or she would crawl but have one leg straightened out. Now she has it down and goes all over the house!
This is my FAVORITE picture. This is a doll that her cousin Amarah, who's 3, gave Presley a long time ago. She's starting to show a little interest in it now...especially the hair. I love how Presley's eye lashes look in this picture and how she's holding the doll. So sweet!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part 3 - My Favorite

As are the last of Miss Presley's pictures! These are by far my favorite. I think it's because they are so girly and I LOVE this outfit! It's her first tutu and I am already itching for her to take dance lessons. I don't want her to grow up fast but when's she big enough I will be running to sign her up. Sara and I took dance lessons and I loved it. So clear your schedules....there will be dance recitals in the future!
And I love that it's blue. Don't get me wrong we are all about the pink but I really like this blue and think it's cute with the zebra print. It's from Simply Puzzled which is our favorite store. Okay, Target is my favorite store but Simply Puzzled is my favorite splurge store!
Those sweet blue eyes! See why she has her Daddy and me wrapped around her little finger?
I don't usually like the pictures they do stuff to when they are showing you the proofs but when the photographer made this one I loved it! We are so blessed to have such a happy and healthy little girl.

Part 2 is Part 2 of Miss P's photo shoot! She was so full of smiles!
The photographer pulled ths CUTE little pink car out and tried to hide it behind the camera so he could get a few shots and then use it as a prop. Presley was not cool with that and wanted that car! So of course he gave it to her and she wanted on it. It was hard to get her to just stand by it for the first few because she wanted on. This girl knows what she wants!
I LOVE the poof she is wearing. My sweet friend Marla got it for her at my work shower. I have been waiting for it to fit her and was excited to use it in her pics! It went perfect with her outfit and car!
My sweet little cupcake!
There were a few serious shots...I think these faces meant...."I'm not giving back this car I don't care what you say Mr!"
I will post the rest tomorrow....saving the best for last!

Monday, July 19, 2010

9 month pics!

Last week I took Miss Presley to have her pictures made because she is 9 months old. We went to Target Portrait studio because it's cheap and it's worked well for her other "milestone" pictures. Everything worked out so good. She slept the whole way down, had a bottle right before our appointment and then was in a GREAT mood for the shoot. She's such a camera hound! She and the photographer, Wade hit it off. She loved all of the crazy noises he made. And it made me happy to have him say he'd seen crying babies all day and that he enjoyed Miss P! Glad we could make his day better. :-)
This was the dress Presley had on and it wasn't one I had lined up for the shoot but the photographer begged me to leave her in it for a few. He said most girls wore frills and ribbons and he liked that this was different. So we let him get some shots!
She was so hard to keep still. Now that she can crawl, every time I put her down she took off! She mainly tried to crawl toward Wade and his camera. I picked her up a hundred times I bet. But I still think they turned out great. I love that she is clapping here. Super appropriate for her 9 months pics because she LOVES to clap!
I have more pictures but I will post more tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday. There were too many to put all on one post. So consider this the teaser..... ;-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My sweet pea's personality keeps getting bigger! We spend so much time smiling and laughing at her these days. She likes attention and she's learning how to get it and she loves to make people laugh at her. I think she's starting to act like her Daddy!
The other day Jared put Presley's pajama pants on her head while she was sitting on our bed. I figured she would pull them off but instead she went crazy. She was laughing and jumping around. I love having such a happy baby!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I See The Moon

I see the moon and the moon sees me! My little sweet pea (like most kids) LOVES to be naked! She has gotten to where as soon as you lay her down and take her diaper off she immediately rolls over and takes off. Makes changing a diaper a lot more difficult. Sometimes though if I change her on our bed I will let her play for a minute. It's hilarious she is soooo happy to be naked and flopping on our bed.
She just laughs and laughs. I need to get it on video. She's gonna hate these pics one day when she's older but I think it's cute!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Presley had an appointment to get her pictures done today. Jared had to work (which I was nervous about because he was a huge help last time we did this) so Miss P and I spent some girl time! We stopped several places but one of my favorite spots is Home Goods in Allen. Love it and so did Presley. She was especially in awe in the lighting section. She couldn't stop staring at all the lamps. There were some really cute ones.
We did her pictures at Target on Parker and the Toll Way. I have used them before for her 2 and 5 month pictures and they did a good job. And they always have good internet coupons. The guy that did them was great with her and she was all smiles for him. I think we got some good shots! We did have some minor resistance over a prop. Let's just say it was pink and had wheels and she was not wanting to get off of it! Of course since we were in Target we had to so some shopping after the photo session. Presley is really starting to like to reach and touch stuff. She's also getting quick so I have to really stay on my toes. Here we were checking out the clearance rack. If I had to choose only one clearance rack to have the rest of my would definately be Target!
What a little camera hound!

We had a great day together and Jared was calling as soon as he got off work to see how pictures went. It rained on us the whole way home and Presley slept great. I can't wait to go pick them up next Friday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We like books!

Presley has taken an interest in books lately. I love to read so maybe she'll be a reader too! Jared and I read to her but we've started letting her hold and play with books by herself. She really seems to prefer the book Guess How Much I Love You. I don't know if it's the size or the pictures because they aren't bright colors, or maybe it's because it's one of my favorites so I've read it to her many times. I think it's a sweet little story.
Presley knows that we keep her toys in the corner of the living room and she'll wiggle to get down on the floor and then crawl over there and help herself. She's been carrying the book around and she'll sit and flip the pages for the longest time. I had stepped into the kitchen the last night to put something up and when I came back she had dug out her book and was looking at it. I thought it was cute and I'm so glad she has an interest in books! We have lots so I wil have to start reading to her more.
I have to take my final for my finance class today. I took a vacation day so I can review this morning and then take my exam (which my instructor says will take me all of the 3 hours he has allowed) while it's quiet here. I just took Presley to daycare and Jared's at work so I better get to studying! Then I have a few days to catch my breath before my next class starts July 12th!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

Remember the dress I found for $2.00 at a consignment store a few months ago....and the bow that Jennifer made to match it? Presley finally got to wear it! I will admit I was a horrible mom and completely let it slip my mind for church. So she wasn't decked out patriotic for church but she was the rest of the day! We didn't have plans and thought we'd just stay home this year because Presley goes to bed at 7:30 and we figured she was too little for fireworks anyway.
So I dressed her up and tried to get a few good pics for her first Fourth of July. Let me say....she's getting harder to photograph. She does not stay still long and she doesn't smile at all the silly little sounds she used to. I gotta get some new tricks! I got a few pictures that I think are cute. I love how long her fingers look in the picture above! And here she is working over the Direct TV box. Her Daddy lets her do this and he says there's nothing she can screw up by just pushing buttons. And trust me she loves buttons! Now that she can pull up she makes her way around the room. She walks along the front of the couch, the recliner, the entertainment center and anything else she can use to get around the room. You can still see the "mystery bites" on her little face. They look much better though and I'm super glad it wasn't chicken pox. Miss P being all patriotic had me thinking and praying that she will grow up and be able to know the same freedoms that we currently have. My prayer is that she will always be free to make her own choices, to live out her own dreams and to have the freedom to worship without fear. My friends Greg and Linda had this verse on their facebook and I think it was perfect for the 4th. Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord...Psalms 33:12. I know so many who are hurting and struggling right now. Please let this verse remind you that we need to be a nation that puts our faith in God and not in our own hands. And we did end up going over to a friend's house for festivities and I'll post pics from that later! Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy week and I've been a bad blogger! I'm happy to have a long weekend to unwind. We don't have any plans really. Miss P likes her sleep and wants to be in bed at 7:30 each night and Jared has to work on Friday and Monday so we're kinda limited on festivities. But that's okay because having other priorities means that I am blessed with a sweet baby girl that likes her routine and a husband that has a job! Two things I'm very thankful for! And even though we'd rather have Jared at home with us for a long weekend it means that we can have some girl time while I'm off on Friday and Monday. Having a little girl is so much fun! She's getting so big and likes to help hold the hairbrush or whatever I'm using on her. I have to let her hold it or she thinks she's missing out. She wants to help so bad!
And of course she's all smiles and usually doesn't mind when we are done with it but she's learning to show her emotions and the other day she was NOT happy when I took the diaper cream away. Don't get me wrong, her fits are few and far between but she does think about throwing them every now and then! Like here in this picture....but she hardly ever does this and she was super tired here. Which is why we like a routine like I mentioned above!
This weekend should be fun and I will post lots of pictures. I've had a few comments from some friends about the lack of me in the pictures but it's because I'm always the one taking them! So I promise to ask Jared to snap a few of me and Miss P while we're celebrating our freedom this weekend on Presley's first 4th of July. Be safe and have fun!