Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday Jared had a wisdom tooth pulled. He was scheduled for 2 but had some issues so they only got one out. He will have to see an oral surgeon for the second one. I tried to go with him but he insisted that he would be fine. So he went alone and then I felt horrible because he was in major pain when I got home. I tried to call and check on him once but he couldn't move his mouth enough for me to understand him! When I got home he had not filled his pain prescription so after a quick call to my sister who is a pharmacist I dug out mine from when I had Presley. I only took 2 pills so we had a whole bottle of Vicodin...yeah that's right. Jared was feeling MUCH better shortly after I got him to take it. I've learned not to try and negotiate...just take water and a pill into him and he'll take it. :-)

Presley has gotten really good about sitting in her high chair while I'm cooking or doing dishes. Especially now that I put a couple of Puffs on the tray. Bless her...she tries to eat them but it's a slow process. She's determined though. Sometimes she gets it right in and the next time it will stick to her fingers or her lip and then it falls down. Let's just say it's something to keep her busy. I snapped a few pics last night because I thought she was looking super intense. No attention problems here...she is absorbed in her task!
Shortly after this, Presley had green beans and as you can see on her face...she gets a little on her. We have started letting her hold the bottle for herself. I've tried to convince Memaw, who she stays with to let her do this but I think Little P still lets Memaw think she can't do it! Her high chair reclines so after we eat, I usually lean her back and give her juice or something while I clean up. Please excuse the green beans on her face. This was before the bath!
And I love how she plops her feet up on the tray like she's in a recliner. I'm going to have to switch her to a sippie cup because last night I noticed she was chewing on the nipple more than she was drinking. I know she only has one tooth but I bet it could do some damage! I had to share this picture. I love her chubby little legs and feet!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday was so pretty when I got home. I pushed Presley in the stroller down to the pond where Jared was fishing with some friends. The temperature was perfect and everything was so green and there were flowers everywhere! I stopped about half way back home to take a few shots of Presley on our way back to the house. I know, I's insane that I have my camera with me at all times!
She was so curious! The pasture is covered in Indian Paint Brushes and they are an incredible color this year. Presley is really into touching things and rubbing them these days. I think she's learning there are so many different textures. She would get really close to the blooms but she never ate one so we did good!
I took a lot more pictures but I don't have time to post them all right now. I will put more up tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So close!

Presley has really been working on crawling. She hasn't done it yet but she's getting so close! She can push her little bottom way up into the air. Her legs are so strong! When she wants to wiggle it's hard to keep her still with those little legs strong enough to push now.
And she can push her front half up.
And when there is something in front of her it's like she has Stretch-Armstrong Arms. She can reach and stretch unitl she gets what she's wanting.
We also had our first official boo-boo this week. I know it's hard to see but there was a huge red spot on Presley's head in this picture! I was in the bathroom putting up towels and I sat Presley in the floor on the bath rug (like I always do) and gave her a toy. She usually sits pretty still and it all goes good. This time...before I knew it she tumbled over and smacked her head on the stone around our tub. She screamed and screamed but honestly not as much as I would have expected. And yes, I was about to scream myself. I was so aggravated that I didn't catch her in time.
Luckily she survived but did get a huge knot on the top of her head and she still has a little place that is scraped. Poor little girl! I know I'm going to have to relax because at the rate this little girl is wiggling and moving around she'll be everywhere soon and I know that bumps and scrapes will be part of that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7 months old

Presley Lynn you are 7 months old now! I can' t believe it. You are growing so fast and changing every single day. You move constantly and are always happy.
You weigh 17 lbs and wear size 9-12 month size clothes.
You go to bed so good! You sleep from 7:30-5am every night.
You are so close to crawling! You can push up your front and your back....just not together yet.
You like baby food of all kinds but you still drink lots of bottles.
You have one tooth! Your hair is growing thicker.
You love to be outside, you like to swing, and you laugh non-stop.
You are a blessing that Daddy and I are thankful for each and every day. Even though you've been part of our life for 7 months, we are still amazed every time we look at you. Your bright blue eyes, your warm smile and your energy add so much to our life! We can't remember what our life was like before you. You make Daddy and I better people.
Your personality is showing through so much. I have no doubt that you are going to be a happy, fun, and sweet little girl. We are so proud to be your Mommy and Daddy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Events

Busy busy weekend but it was great! Friday started out by me having a GREAT score during lunch. The girls from my office and I went through Dairy Queen and got a chocolate dipped cone....heaven! And then I ran in to Tender Wear, a consignment store. Sometimes it's all ratty old stuff and then sometimes I find a steal. Friday was my day. I ran in just to see what they had and I found this cute dress for $3.50 so I made my way to the cashier. When it rang up the lady pointed out the red line on the tag and explained it was half-off! Yeah, that's right....I found Presley a 4th of July dress for $1.25! Sweet!! I think it's cute and it's in perfect condition. Some other little girl probably wore it once for the fourth and now it's ours! Now I needed was a hairbow to match....not a big deal I could get one made.

Friday night I went and had a pedicure with my friend Michelle. It was nice and relaxing and now my toes are ready for summer! Saturday morning I went shopping with my friend Jennifer and we got some great things. We took Presley with us and I couldn't have asked her to be any better. She's a trooper when it comes to shopping! Must get that from me. We went to Frisco and went to several stores and ate Spring Creek BBQ. I love that place. I'm such a southern girl. I could survive and be blissfully happy on Mexican and BBQ food for the rest of my life! We also made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby and Jennifer convinced me we could make a bow to match Presley's dress. So we bought ribbon half off...
Saturday night Jennifer and Aaron came over for a gourmet dinner of hotdogs! Jared and Aaron had worked on the Suzuki all night so they were tired and Jennifer and I had worn ourselves out shopping so hotdogs seemed easy. We put the boys to work outside with the grill and we sat down to attempt a bow. Presley sat in her high chair and watched Jennifer and I'll admit, I watched too. I was no help at all but Jennnifer was so great she didn't need me. She's so crafty! I'm lucky to have such a talented friend!

She finished the bow and it's super cute! I'm sorry but I'm holding out to show it off until Presley wears her dress. I can't wait for the fourth! Here's Presley helping Jennifer by holding the little furry thing. Presley usually goes to bed so good and at around 7:30. She wanted to stay up and play with Jennifer and Aaron because we put her down and she screamed and screamed. I couldn't take it so I got her back up (which I've never had to do) and she stayed up until they left.
Sunday we went to church, at lunch with Granny and Pops and then I mowed the yard while Jared and Presley watched the NASCAR Race and napped. We went to Bible study and it was touching too. We talked about who we expect to hear in Heaven. It was moving to hear everyone's account of who had influenced them and showed them the plan of Salvation. We are blessed to be part of a group of friends that have so much in common and who truly want to grow in the relationship with Christ. It's so encouraging! Presley stayed with Granny and Pops and when we got there to pick her up Aunt Deb had stopped to visit too. Presley was one tired little girl!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I don't have any really great pictures today. I honestly haven't taken that many this week. Tomorrow I promise to....Presley will be 7 months old! I can't belive my baby is already that old. She's growing up so fast. I found myself looking at somethings at Hobby Lobby and thinking that it would be great decorations for her first birthday. And then I freaked out because it's actually getting closer to that! Presely watched some American Idol this week. She doesn't pay attention to the tv a lot but sometimes something will catch her eye and she'll stop what she's doing and stare. She's really moving around in the walker now and she pulled herself up to the side of the pack and play while pepaw had his back turned the other day. I could tell he was worried by her eagerness so I lowered the floor all the way to the bottom. If she can climb out of it like that at this age, she's a freak of nature!

Sweet little girl with her favorite toy....a blue elephant that vibrates when you pull his legs.

And then her latest stunt. I have been hearing a knocking noise from her crib in the mornings and couldn't imagine what it might be. So I snuck in to peek and she takes her in her hand and bangs it on the crib. It's like she's tapping out an SOS message for us to come free her! Well she's also started tapping it on everything now. And when I hold her in the recliner she tries to put it in my mouth and laughs. Maybe it's time we try to wean off it. She's about to bang it on her elephant here...

I can see it now....CLEAR! Dr Hicks is about to restart the elephant's heart! Hahaha...what entertained me before this sweet girl? Jared has not felt good most of the week so I've done a little bit of Mommy and Daddy duties. Which isn't bad but does make for a busier day! Presley has been going to bed about 7:30 every night still and it's so nice! I think it's safe to say we're in a routine. Wohoo! I love a baby girl that will sleep all night. She does wake up about 5 each morning but it's been good. I personally have never cared that much for the early morning but it's surprisingly peaceful at that time. Presley and I snuggle on the couch and watch the news until about 5:45 and then Daddy gets up to join us. Presley is such a happy little cupcake in the mornings. And I think she's starting to wear off on me. I hope she keeps up this routine! Looking forward to the weekend. I'm getting a pedicure with my friend Michelle tonight and me and little P are going shopping with our friend Jennifer tomorrow. Girl stuff...I love it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crib Talk

It was rainy all weekend and that made for a lazy time. We have been working on getting Presley to nap and she slept from 10-11:45 on Saturday! I'm sure the rain helped but little girl took a nap and that's all that matters. Memaw swears she's a great napper during the week but she is NOT on the weekends. But this can change....and Daddy and I have been working on whipping her into shape! One of my favorite things right now is that when she wakes up she flops and rolls all over her crib and talks and talks. She always wakes up happy so I went in and sat down at the end of her crib to get some proof. She didn't talk as much as usual but I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peep at what really goes on in her crib!

This was a good weekend. Cleaned house, scrapbooked at Shop Remember When, went to bible study last night and Presley got to spend time with Granny, Pops and her cousins while we went. This study "90 Minutes in Heaven" is stepping on my toes and is a good source of inspiration. What I need, when I need it. We talked about praying with faith and asking God to do specific things. We discussed how we often pray generic prayers and this lesson challenged us to prove our faith by asking God to do certian things. So...I am stepping out of my box and asking God to do specific things...and having faith that He will meet those needs. "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith" Matthew 21:22

Friday, April 16, 2010


Long glad Friday is here! Still have lots of things on my mind but I am keeping the faith and putting my trust in our Heavenly Father. His plans are always so much better than mine and He's better at being in control anyway. I tend to stress out when I have things to think/deal with! Looking forward to spending tonight with Jared and Presley, scrapbooking tomorrow with the gang at Shop Remember When in Whitesboro (soooo excited!), and bible study Sunday night. Last Sunday night was refreshing and I'm ready for another dose!

This week Elsie has really started to get brave and let Little P pet her. As you can see, Presley occassionally grabs a handful of skin but so far Elsie keeps coming back. Jared and I think this is hysterical since Elsie is scared of everyone but has taken up with Presley. And the picture below is of the work we've been doing in the yard. We still have a few things to add (which explains the empty spaces) but hopefully in a few years it will be beautiful!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So while eating my lunch I found myself on which I love! My dear friend Marla showed it to me while I was pregnant and I will admit they have gotten some of my money since. I ordered a Christmas tutu and numerous hair bows from etsy for little P. And everything I have ordered is GREAT! The sellers always include a little hand written note which makes it so special. I still have the one that came with the tutu. It says "May your Christmas be brighter because of your new little one. Blessings be to Presley." So sweet! And so my confession today is that I have been really wanting a tree for Presley's room. I am really liking this one:
Jared is going to flip when I mention it. He hates to paint/decorate. And our little cupcake has only been in her neopolitan icecream room for 6 months. I really thought about a tree before we decorated but never found one I like. I saw this one on a month or so ago and can't stop thinking about it. It's a vinyl decal that is super thin and is supposed to not harm the walls. (See I'm working on my proposal to Jared already...LOL) I've been thinking about making our extra bedroom a "play room" for Presley. I am thinking this tree would be super cute in there. We have a bed set up in there but no one ever stays the night. So why not make it Presley's play room? And don't start worrying peeps....we will give Presley a sibling. But for now we can let her rule both rooms!

Just A Day

This week has gone by soooo slow. It hasn't been a bad week just a lot going on, a lot on my mind, and the allergies are causing me to sneeze about a 1,000 times a day. It probably isn't helping that I have been outside non-stop lateley either. The load of dirt we have bene waiting on was finally delivered last night so we got to plant all of the shrubs we bought over the weekend though so it was worth it! We worked for over 2 hours last night but we got it done and Presley played in her wagon and pack and play the whole time. She's so good! I don't have a picture yet, the sun was going down so I'll post pictures tomorrow.

These pics are of Presley while I took a shower after coming in from outside last night. She completely entertains herself while I shower. I couldn't help but smile at her trying to stuff her feet in her mouth.
And yes, she finally got some toes in there!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sleep Little Angel

I lay down and slept... Psalms 3:4
Presley was a great sleeper during month 4 and 5 and since then it's gone downhil FAST. It had gotten miserable. She was waking up multiple times a night. And now just waking but waking and we were having to get her up. At her 6 month appointment I expressed my despair to our sweet pediatrician and he suggested the "Cry It Out" or the "Ferberizing Method". Don't hate me people...we were desperate! Last Monday night she cried for about 30 minutes before going to sleep and woke up once about 1. She cried again for about 30 minutes. It was hard and Jared kept his hand on my shoulder so I wouldn't get out of bed to go check on her. Long night but....a week later we can now lay her down awake and she doesn't fuss at all. Praise Jesus! It's so nice to be able to put her down at 8 pm and then have time for me and Jared. Lots more dishes and laundry are getting done these days!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tree Farm

Saturday we also went out to the tree farm our friend's parents own to buy shrubs and flowers to landscape the front of our house. We've lived there a year so it's time. Last year I was pregnant and it just wasn't a priority. This year I'm much more motivated! They had so many pretty things I had the hardest time choosing what I wanted. And let me just go ahead and say that we already have plans to swing back by tonight to grab a few more items!
My friend Jennifer was there helping her MIL with the farm and she was so sweet to think about taking a pic of me and Presley. I get so caught up in being the picture taker sometimes that I never end up in any. So THANK YOU Jennifer!

And then Jennifer played with Presley while we tried to decide what we needed to purchase. I think this picture is so adorable! Jared and I are blessed to call Jennifer and Aaron our friends.
This is Jennifer and my little cupcake!
And then we got creative and tried to have a little photo shoot. Jennifer's MIL, Deana brought out this little rocker that was her dad's. It was just Presley's size. And how pretty are the flowers!


Spring is here! This weekend was so amazing. The weather was perfect and we spent nearly the entire time outside. First thing Saturday I saw this gorgeous butterfly on the door to our shop. It stayed there all day long. It was huge and such a fresh color of green. I wanted to keep it! Presley sat in her wagon and watched Pepaw and her Daddy work on cleaning out the front fence row with the dozer. She sat forever just watching them. She's so easy to entertain!
I love this picture of her watching her Pepaw work...
And the glasses and hat crack me up every time. She wore them all weekend and never once tried to pull them off. My little girl is getting so big! This summer is going to be so much fun. She's a great age to really explore and enjoy the summer.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mowing the Yard

Yesterday I picked Presley up from daycare because the forecast said storms during the night. and Jared wanted to get the yard mowed before it rained. He was mowing like a madman when we got there so I put Presley in her wagon and we walked around the backyard while Jared finished up in the front. When he was finished he came over and gave Presley a ride on the mower. She wasn't scare at all. She rode on his leg looking around like she was a big girl!
When I am around her on a daily basis I always think she's getting so big. But when I see her in a picture she still looks so tiny! My sweet little cupcake! Presley has more hair on the top part of her head but when she has a bow on you can't tell and most of the time I don't think about it. But when I saw this picture of her outside it's really obvious! I should have cropped it so you could have seen it close up but you can get the idea. We're going to have to start her a comb over before long!
And Callie, these pictures are for you. I know you're all about developing fine motor skills! I read in an article at the doctor office last week that even though she's not old enough to feed herself, I should let her hold a spoon so she starts to develop those skills. She kept the spoon in her mouth most of the time so it did make it a little difficult to feed her but overall it went well. We have moved to stage 2 food now!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning

Easter morning we gave Presley a basket with a few goodies in it. This basket was $4 at Wal-Mart and I think it's super cute! She will be using it next year since she practicaly got no use out of it this year. However, I did put her some bright plastic eggs, a bunny, bubbles, and a book about "What Easter Really Means". She was really curious and wasted no time pulling things from the basket!
I love her smile here! I haven't fixed the red eye yet but I was to get pics up quickly so forgive me! And yes this is the dress from Eric's wedding. I decided to let her wear it again because it's so pretty and she got a lot of compliments at the wedding! Thank you Granny for getting her such a great dress!
Next year will be so much fun when she's walking around picking up eggs!

Weekend Fun

Friday night was super fun! Both of my sisters and their sweet little ones were at my house. Paula and Jewel stayed the night and Sara and her kids came by to hang out with us. So we had a house full and I loved it! I wish we could do this more often.
Sara kept Presley entertained...
Paula and Jewel brought Presley, Gavin and Amarah all a little Easter lamb. Sara's kids were super proud of them. They love all animals!
Paula and Jewel wanted to make us a treat so they made us Resurrection Rolls. They were fun to make and yummy to eat! Jewel was a great instructor. Sara took pictures of the finished products so I will post the "Lesson" and the pictures soon. I plan on making this an Easter tradition with Presley.