Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday Jared had a wisdom tooth pulled. He was scheduled for 2 but had some issues so they only got one out. He will have to see an oral surgeon for the second one. I tried to go with him but he insisted that he would be fine. So he went alone and then I felt horrible because he was in major pain when I got home. I tried to call and check on him once but he couldn't move his mouth enough for me to understand him! When I got home he had not filled his pain prescription so after a quick call to my sister who is a pharmacist I dug out mine from when I had Presley. I only took 2 pills so we had a whole bottle of Vicodin...yeah that's right. Jared was feeling MUCH better shortly after I got him to take it. I've learned not to try and negotiate...just take water and a pill into him and he'll take it. :-)

Presley has gotten really good about sitting in her high chair while I'm cooking or doing dishes. Especially now that I put a couple of Puffs on the tray. Bless her...she tries to eat them but it's a slow process. She's determined though. Sometimes she gets it right in and the next time it will stick to her fingers or her lip and then it falls down. Let's just say it's something to keep her busy. I snapped a few pics last night because I thought she was looking super intense. No attention problems here...she is absorbed in her task!
Shortly after this, Presley had green beans and as you can see on her face...she gets a little on her. We have started letting her hold the bottle for herself. I've tried to convince Memaw, who she stays with to let her do this but I think Little P still lets Memaw think she can't do it! Her high chair reclines so after we eat, I usually lean her back and give her juice or something while I clean up. Please excuse the green beans on her face. This was before the bath!
And I love how she plops her feet up on the tray like she's in a recliner. I'm going to have to switch her to a sippie cup because last night I noticed she was chewing on the nipple more than she was drinking. I know she only has one tooth but I bet it could do some damage! I had to share this picture. I love her chubby little legs and feet!

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