Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part 2

Okay...here is Part 2 of Miss P's photo shoot! She was so full of smiles!
The photographer pulled ths CUTE little pink car out and tried to hide it behind the camera so he could get a few shots and then use it as a prop. Presley was not cool with that and wanted that car! So of course he gave it to her and she wanted on it. It was hard to get her to just stand by it for the first few because she wanted on. This girl knows what she wants!
I LOVE the poof she is wearing. My sweet friend Marla got it for her at my work shower. I have been waiting for it to fit her and was excited to use it in her pics! It went perfect with her outfit and car!
My sweet little cupcake!
There were a few serious shots...I think these faces meant...."I'm not giving back this car I don't care what you say Mr!"
I will post the rest tomorrow....saving the best for last!

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