Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy week and I've been a bad blogger! I'm happy to have a long weekend to unwind. We don't have any plans really. Miss P likes her sleep and wants to be in bed at 7:30 each night and Jared has to work on Friday and Monday so we're kinda limited on festivities. But that's okay because having other priorities means that I am blessed with a sweet baby girl that likes her routine and a husband that has a job! Two things I'm very thankful for! And even though we'd rather have Jared at home with us for a long weekend it means that we can have some girl time while I'm off on Friday and Monday. Having a little girl is so much fun! She's getting so big and likes to help hold the hairbrush or whatever I'm using on her. I have to let her hold it or she thinks she's missing out. She wants to help so bad!
And of course she's all smiles and usually doesn't mind when we are done with it but she's learning to show her emotions and the other day she was NOT happy when I took the diaper cream away. Don't get me wrong, her fits are few and far between but she does think about throwing them every now and then! Like here in this picture....but she hardly ever does this and she was super tired here. Which is why we like a routine like I mentioned above!
This weekend should be fun and I will post lots of pictures. I've had a few comments from some friends about the lack of me in the pictures but it's because I'm always the one taking them! So I promise to ask Jared to snap a few of me and Miss P while we're celebrating our freedom this weekend on Presley's first 4th of July. Be safe and have fun!

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