Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Christmas Pics

Okay...I told you there would be lots of pics so I'll just let them mainly speak for themselves. But I will say we had lots of fun! Can't you tell by this little girl's face?
We had lots of visitors and I tried to snap pictures through the weekend. This is a "Cousins" picture. :-)
 And I know I post lots of pictures of Presley but here's one more!
 Gavin was super pumped about his bow and arrow from Papa and MeMe. 
Presley was careful to remove every little piece of paper from the presents. I bet next year she doesn't take such care!
My sister, Sara helped Westin open his gifts. He has on his tiger hat from Papa and MeMe. 
 Trying out the toy food she got for her kitchen set. 
Amarah...need I say more? haha
 My stepmom, Amarah, Gavin, Presley, Westin and my dad.
And it wouldn't be Christmas without something crazy from Sara. Here she is demonstrating to Amarah how to twirl a baton. one was injured!
And perhaps my favorite picture of all....Presley is pretty much potty trained so she goes to the bathroom by herself most of the time now. After the presents were opened and everything was winding down, Presley came out of the bathroom and back into the living room looking like this...
After her I told her I was super proud of her for going by herself and her efforts to tuck her shirt in on her own. I love that girl!

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