Monday, December 5, 2011

Blood and Drool

This weekend was pretty low key. It rained a lot so we stayed inside. The most exciting part of our weekend was when Presley got hurt. Gavin and Amarah were over and the three of them were having a blast. I'd told them to slow down a few times and of course.....I was right. Someone did get hurt! Presley tried to run around the kitchen table and just as I had told them.....running and concrete floors don't mix. Presley ran into the wood window seal in the dining room. There was blood all over her face and I honestly was really close to freaking out! I'm usually good with things like this but it was a pretty good gash and I thought it was all the way through her lip. After the screaming and bleeding slowed down, I could tell that her skin was busted on the outside and the inside of her lip. I don't think it was all the way through tho. Yikes!
I tried to get a pic at home but she wouldn't be still. Finally I snapped this one at Wal-Mart. I know it's not that massive but when it's on my baby girl's face it is!
And as for Westin....he spent his weekend trying to chew his hand off. I had him laying in the floor playing for a while and when I put him on the changing table to change his diaper I died laughing at his shirt. Look at how much he had drooled! This boy HAS to be working on some teeth! His 4 month check up is tomorrow so I am anxious to see if Dr Lipscomb can see any teeth in our future. And look how much his face has filled out. I can't wait to see how much he's grown!

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