Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Girl are some more pictures of Babycakes! These are some of my favorite. There are lots more but I didn't want to be too proud a mom and post all of them. Presley did soooo good when we did pictures Saturday. I love her baby blue eyes and her endless smile!

Last night when we were sitting on the couch with Presley asleep between us, Jared asked me if I loved her more than I had thought I would. I couldn't even find words to start describing how I feel about my sweet little girl. I thought I'd blow up with excitement the 9 months I was pregnant. Now that she's here I can't kiss her or hold her or watch her enough. Jared and I both catch each other standing over her crib just watching her sleep. She's growing so fast that I try to take in every little detail so that I can always remember how innocent and perfect she is.
I hope that one day she truly understands that our greatest blessing was when she was given to us. But like everyone told us....she won't even begin to comprehend it until she has a little blessing of her own. We love you sweet precious child!

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  1. OMG. I LOVE all the pictures. They are priceless and o so beautiful!!!! She is such a princess.