Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's yellow and messy?

Presley finally decided she would eat cereal if it was mixed in with banana baby food. Thanks to our amazing pediatrician for suggesting that! After a week of bananas I decided to also try squash. The first night Presley would pucker up and spit it out. She was not liking it! But then it does look kinda gross......
But after some cheering from momma and airplane noises from daddy, Presley finally decided to give it a whirl. And now she likes it! I love how she opens her mouth like a little bird.
The squash seems so much messier than the bananas but I think it's just because it's so bright and shows up on everything. My little blue eyed girl is growing up way too fast! Although it makes me sad to see you sitting in a high chair, I am reminded by the book I am reading to be thankful in all things. So my sweet baby girl....I am thankful for a daughter that is healthy and has an appetite. I am thankful for a little girl that is growing up right before my eyes and for the joy that Jared and I share with each new thing you do. Having you makes our world a better place. Love you baby cakes!

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