Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break went by way too fast! I didn't get much accomplished that I had planned but it was still nice to have a break. Jared was sick a few days and then Presley was sick at the end of the week so we were pretty low key. I took Presley to the doctor Saturday morning....thank goodness for the clinic having a doctor on call until lunch on Saturdays! Once there, Presley forgot that she was feeling bad and waved, laughed and talked at all of the other kids in the office. She loves having everyone's attention! We had to wait for quiet a while but she was good and we read about 50 books while we were there. Here she was right before the doctor came in: She had an ear infection....which did not surprise me. It seems like everytime Presley gets a tooth she gets an infection. We got an antibiotic and headed home. She slept most of the way so I knew she felt bad. She's getting to where she doesn't do much napping in the car...she might miss out on something! She is growing way too fast...she looks like a toddler here.
Hopefully we will all be well soon!

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