Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play Play Play

Presley is getting to be such a busy body these days! She likes to move and wants to be entertained. I've been telling Jared that she's bored with her baby toys. Rattles and teethers just aren't enough fun for Miss P anymore. We need lights, movement, bells and whistles! I snapped a few pictures of her playing with this toy last night. At first she would grab one of the balls and just play with it. Now she tries to grab all of the balls and even though she can't push the knob to make it start again she knows to try. She's seen me and Jared do it enough she reaches over and touches the start knob every time the music stops. Such a little smart one!
She's really starting to pull up on all of her toys. It's like she wants to be on top of everything! I love the bright colors in these pictures. I need to edit them to lighten up the dark in the background but I usually take pictures and post them to the blog the next day so I don't get lots of editing done before I post them.
Don't let the picture fool you she's not putting the balls back in here. No way, she prefers to grab them as they pop up. She hasn't learned that once she takes them all out there won't be any more to pop up! We're working on that one!
And as you can see, Presley's hair is getting long....well mostly in the front. I've started to put clips in there to keep them out of her eyes but only when she's dressed up. I'm paranoid she'll pull the out and choke on them so I don't put one in during an average day. I know....I worry too much but I saw it happen when I worked at daycare and we even had to call an ambulance. It was scary! I don't want to have to do that with my little cupcake!
This weekend I am going to try and hit some consignment stores for some more toys for Presley. I want to get her some for memaws for the days she stays there. She likes things to pull up on and that has moving parts. I'm open to suggestions from you guys who have kids older than mine. So far my list of places to visit includes Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Time, both suggestions from Marla. I think paying full price for something she'll outgrow quickly is crazy. Toys are OVERPRICED. (Read the post where I talked about buying the $44 Leap Frog table!)

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