Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Months Old

You are 3 months old and getting to be so much fun! You have changed a lot this past month and are growing up way too fast. This month it was difficult to take your picture because you are such a busy bee. This was a great month and your Daddy and I have been blessed beyond belief these past 3 months....all because we have you! It took a lot of pictures before I got the shot above. I have about 10 shots where you have your hands moving around in front of you and covering up where I couldn't read your shirt! But we love that you are getting so active...it's great entertainment! And in this picture below you can still see that you have some busy little toes too!
At 3 months you:
have discovered your hands and look at them and move them constantly
you reach for and grab things
your big blue eyes just keep getting brighter
you have started going to sleep around 8 and sleep all the way until about 3 when you have a bottle and sleep until 6 (truly a blessing)
you finally like to have a little alone time and will play in your jumperoo or on the floor gym
Our life is a million times better with you in it. You are our everything and your Daddy and I love you more than we ever could have imagined and it only grows with each passing day. We love you Presley!!

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