Monday, January 25, 2010


Presley's 4 month check up is next monday and our pediatrician told us we could start cereal shortly before then. So I thought we'd give it a whirl and then at her appointment I could tell him how great an eater she is!

Wrong....the little chica is NOT crazy about cereal at all. We've tried rice and oatmeal and she's not really a fan of either. She'll let me give her a few bites.....

Then she seems like she's thinking about what to do with it....
And then she freaks out......she doesn't seem to know to swallow it yet. We try to everything to make her close her mouth and swallow but she lets it set for a minute or two and then out it comes. So I guess I'm not going to get to wow the doctor with her super great eating skills...but we'll keep trying!

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