Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at Papa and MeMe's

We started off the crazy Tour of Christmas by going to my Dad's the Saturday before Christmas. Being part of such a big family means lots of places to go and lots of people to see. This makes it hard to fit everyone in and often we don't get it done, but we try.

We ate lunch and then opened presents. We of course tried for lots of great pics but with a 3 month old, a 3 year old and a 4 year old...that's tough! Here is the best pic we got of the kids with Papa and MeMe. And don't ask...I'm not sure what Amarah was doing in this one. LOL
I told Jared my New Year's resolution was going to be more pictures of me with Presley. I'm always the one with the camera and because of this I seriously only have like 3 pictures of me with her. So Jared has promised to take more of us this year.
See what I mean...here's another one I took of them. They are so dang cute together!
The opening of presents was entertaining. Amarah seemed a little overwhelmed when she opened this doll.
And of course once she opened her poms and cheer suit she had to show us her moves. I'm thinking she's gonna be on a Saturday Night Live gig. Hahaha!

Jared helped Presley to open her very first Christmas present! She didn't help out much but she sure was watching.

Amarah also wanted to have her picture with "baby cousin" so we tried. But after a few shots Amarah was done and tapped Presley on the shoulder and told her to get up! Sara's kids are great with Presley and I swear Amarah thinks they are all the same age.

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