Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning

After all of the madness and running around....Christmas morning finally came! Presley's very first Christmas. I have been so excited about it finally getting here. I can't wait to teach her about the true meaning of Christmas and for her to understand that the greatest gift the world has ever received was Jesus. I want her to love the idea of Santa, and presents and shopping and lights and all of that but I want her to understand that those things are of the world and that the only gift she truly needs is Him.

Christmas morning she actually slept later than she usually does so after I couldn't stand it any longer I went to wake her up. Of course I took a picture because I thought she was cute all snuggled in her bed. Carter's fleece pajamas are the best and are a large part of her wardrobe these days! And let me say...the Carter's outlet is one of our favorite stores!

I decorated the tree this year with our usual ornaments because I'm a type A and like it all to match and bet spaced perfectly....and I know next year will be different with a baby on the move.
We sat Presley in her new Bumbo seat that Poppy and Grandma got her so that she could watch us open her presents. She was happy the whole time. I think the noise of the paper was keeping her entertained.

Jared and I both look so sleepy in these pics but I had to post them. This is a dress I got Presley from Canton. It has a cross with some bling...love it!

Presley also got a cute pink and brown stroller, several more dresses, hair bows and I don't even remember what else. She totally banked though....way too much stuff for such a little person but it was so hard to stop shopping for her.

And the best part of all....it was a White Christmas! I know it's cheesey but I thought it was super neat to have snow for her first Christmas. Jared bundled her up and pushed her outside in her new stroller so we could take a picture. Our Jack Russell, Katie, couldn't help but come check out what was going on.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!
Then we headed down to Granny and Pop's and then Memaw and Pepaw's house. Presley wore a new outfit of course!
Presley got her cousin's Guitar Praise which is the Christian version of Guitar Hero but as you can see in this picture Jared was the one hogging the game!
And then Pepaw schooled Landon and Jaden in checkers....
Presley and her Daddy....
Pops letting Presley take a nap....

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