Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at Mamaw's

The tour of Christmas continues....

Christmas Eve we went to our church's Candle light service and then we went to Mamaw's for dinner and presents. Of course Gavin and Amarah provided entertainment yet again and I knew that if I wanted a picture of them I'd have to be crafty. So...I told them they had to hug before they could open presents. Of course....they complied because they are all about the presents this year. Amarah kept saying "This is the best Christmas ever because I'm bigger". I'm not sure where she got that but I though it was hilarious. Here's their quick hug before the presents began:
Gavin got a super cool Big Wheel. I'm jealous...way cooler than the one I had as a kid.
Presley wasn't big enough to really care about ripping open presents so she got passed around by the family. Here she is with her Poppy...
And the girls sat on the couch and watched the fun. This is my cousin Jeff's sweet girlfriend Ashley. If he doesn't marry her I seriously will disown him. She's super pretty and can hold her own with him...what else could we expect from her. And I'm not sure what's going on with Sara...she looks a little bit like she wasn't paying attention. Hahaha

Presley with Grandma....worn out from all the festivities.
Jeff of course took a turn with the Big Wheel.
My little man Gavin has grown up so much this year but I managed to snag him just long enough for a picture. He always has the best smile!
Jeff and Jared took over the kid's toys and had a "rock crawler" building competition. Nothing more amusing than boys and their toys.
And this one gets my favorite picture award. Presley really liked hanging out in Ashley's lap and they looked so cute together!

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