Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Lights

Last Monday my office volunteered to work at the Loy Lake Christmas Light display. Cindy, Donna, Marla and I bundled up and spent 2 1/2 hours in the FREEZING cold to hand out suckers and take donations from those who drove through to see the lights. It's an office tradition and although we started whining about the cold the week before we managed to survive and to have a great time. Of course dinner at El Chico's after sure made things better!

My handsome little nephew Gavin came by the light display not once but TWICE! My neice Amarah of course was with him but it was impossible to get a picture with both of them smiling. So here are two pics....one with Gavin smiling, the other with her. Presley stayed at home with Granny but I'm sure next year she'll be in the back seat along with them!
Their favorite display was toward the end and it was Santa and his reindeer "flying" taking off in the sleigh. All Amarah talked about the rest of the night was how she saw the reindeer flying to go to her house. I hope she started her letter with "Dear Santa...I can explain". Hahaha...I'm just kidding. She's a sweetie and I can't wait for my little one to tag along right behind her.
It was a great night and got me to thinking (or feeling sappy or whatever)...I am so blessed to have such sweet coworkers that I also call my friends. I love where I'm at and look forward to work each day. Seriously....each day is great and I am blessed because of them. I love you guys and can't wait until our "office party" this next weekend. I'm sure we'll have plenty of pictures to post!

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