Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 weeks old

My first Craig's List purchase was for Presley. I must say I had emails going all over the place trying to find the perfect jumperoo at a great price and at a convenient location. And finally....I did! I found a Precious Planet Fisher Price Jumperoo for $40 in Plano from a sweet girl who has a 13 month old. The jumperoo looks brand new and I must say was a GREAT purchase. It's still the current version on the shelf at Babies R Us and retails there for $99. So woohoo...momma found a great bargain and babycakes LOVES it!

And as a side note yes, I acknowledge that Craig's List is addicting. I think I like the challange and the detective work of finding an item. Marla keeps warning me that I'll get addicted. But no worries Lyndsay...I told your her I would be more than happy to be in the same rehab as you!

As you can see in this picture Presley's feet don't touch the ground but no worries I soon decided to put a pillow under them and it works great. For the first few days she just sat there looking at all of the toys and the lights.

She really checked things out. I had to also stuff a small blanket behind her to keep her scooted to the front. She didn't reach out for things but she sure stared them down! And I love this picture just because you can see that Presley's hair is growing super fast and so are her eyelashes. My blue-eyed little angel!
And she is such a happy baby the majority of the time now. Life is so much easier with a baby that smiles and laughs! Oh and she is sleeping through the night except for a 3:30 feeding. But she goes right back to sleep so it's great!

This picture shows Presley getting distracted....by the television...which I keep noticing more and more. When I dropped her off at Memaws the other morning I overheard Pepaw telling her she was way too young to be starting that. LOL But despite his warnings, she will be jumping and then something will catch her attention and she stops to check it out. Even if it means looking backwards over her shoulder to do so!
Oh and you can see that she has started to reach out and grab at the toys. Jared and I were talking in the kitchen the other night and we heard one of the rattle toys and we both peeked around the bar...and there she was working the toys over. And she hasn't stopped since!
Here's a short video of the jumping (assisted by a pillow)!

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