Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 months old

I have several...okay a bunch of pictures that I took (all yesterday). I think I was feeling kinda sad that my baby is growing up so fast. Who knew the 2 month milestone would come so fast?!

My sweet baby you are 2 months old! With each day that passes you are more amazing and more beautiful than the day before! I can never thank God enough for choosing me to be your mommy. Just last night your daddy and I talked about how much more Thanksgiving and Christmas will mean to us this year. People told me it would be this way but until now we couldn't even begin to understand what it would be like to have our own little blessing. We love you and cherish your every breath, your every smile, your every cry. I can never praise God enough for sending such a sweet little angel to us. We love you Presley and all that you will add to our lives! My sweet little cupcake!

At 2 months old you...

weigh 11 lbs 2 oz and are 22 1/2 inches long

wake up smiling every single morning

like to "talk" when you have someone's attention

sleep from about 10pm until 3am when you eat, and then until 6am (wahoo!)

are awake most of the day

I love headbands and bows on you! Yes, I often hear the comment "that bow is as big as her head"...but I don't care. I think they are adorable. And Daddy even makes sure you have one before we leave the house! I started buying them before you were born and I am currently looking for one to match your dress for unlce Eric's wedding. Yes it's not until March but she already has a dress and hopefully will have a bow to match it soon!
I like this picture because you were looking right at me and seem to be in some deep thought. Or maybe it could be that I was making crazy faces and sounds to get your attention!

After a bath (which you love) daddy always holds you in the recliner. Yeah, so I'm not the only one spoiling you. Daddy seems to always have you on his chest from about 7:30-9:30 each night. But I'm not jealous because I want you to always be close to him and know how much he loves you. I couldn't help but take this picture last night! This position is how we usually burp you and you always look so peaceful. I know it looks crazy but this position was a lifesaver when you were so fussy the first 6 weeks and now daddy still holds you like that sometimes and it puts you right out.

You still sleep with your arms behind your head when you are really out. And when I went in to check on you right before I went to bed, I found you like this:

It was had your arms behind your head and were holding your feet up off the mattress. I have no idea how you sleep like that but you seemed content. And I'm sorry about the socks....they don't match but they were handy when I put your pajamas on!

This morning I put you in the bouncer and sat you in the bathroom while I got ready like I always do. Except this morning you didn't sleep through it like normal. You were bright eyed and in a great mood! And I'm super excited because I got some really great smiles on camera!! I've been trying for a week and this was the first time you let me capture them.

I enjoyed the time we spent together this morning and I hope that I will always take time to stop and watch you. I never want to forget these little moments...

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  1. O Anna... she's stinkin' cute! I love the jammies and her precious smiles!