Thursday, November 19, 2009

8 weeks old

My sweet little Presley you are 8 weeks old today! I can't decide how I feel. I want you to stay tiny and innocent and sweet forever. But I also want you to learn and grow and do new things. Sniff...sniff...

At 8 weeks you are awake a large part of the day. You have started to smile at us and almost...almost laugh out loud. You look like your voice is right there and I know we will get to hear your sweet little laugh very soon. Your eyes are blue and always super bright. Your Daddy and I still love to sit and look at you. And now you are looking back at us. How fun!

And you are a great sleeper. Praise Jesus...those first 6 weeks were insane. But now you eat about 10pm and will sleep until 2 or 3 each morning. Then once you're fed again you sleep until about 6:15 am. I can totally handle this schedule! That every two hours was rough on us both. But you're doing so great now and I can even lay you back down after your feeding when you're still awake. You will lay there and kick and make little noises until you drift back off to dream land. I honestly don't feel sleep deprived anymore!

You like to have some play time too. You are great at holding your head up when you are on your tummy but you like being on your back much better. I honestly think it's because you can see more going on around you. We used to hold you 24/7 but now sometimes you just want to lay on your own. You HATE the swing but you like the bouncer and the little pink gym that you got at the shower. You like to hold your legs up and to kick when you get excited. It puts a smile on my face every time!

Your Daddy went hunting one night this week and I snuggled with you for a little while but then decided to finish laundry. I put you in your bouncer and thought I'd try sitting you in front of the tv for just a little bit. I know your eye sight isn't super great at a distance yet but I thought maybe the sound and lights would keep your attention. Madagascar Christmas was on so I sat you down and you were one happy baby. I finished the laundry and then came back in to check on you. I couldn't help but take a picture. Your first movie!

The best part was watching your expressions. I sat in the floor in front of you and watched you for a while. I kept thinking about how much you've grown and how alert you are now. Your expressions crack me up! This picture shows how wide eyed you were and you kept moving your arms all alround.

Here is a short little video of you playing in the floor. You aren't super active with it yet but you do like to hold your legs up and kick them around. You're gonna have some strong tummy muscles as much as you hold your legs up in the air. Hahaha....maybe mommy should try that!!

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