Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween Fun

Presley's first Halloween. Yes I dressed her a lady bug. We didn't go out anywhere just down to Granny and Pop's house but I did take a bunch of pictures! And of course Presley's cousins Gavin, Amarah, and Jewel came by. These pictures are actually from the night before Halloween but we still had fun! So I really tried hard to get a good pic where you could see that it said "Love Bug" not so much luck. Pictures will be so much easier when she can sit up....maybe! Gavin (4) and Amarah (3) stopped by in full costume. Amarah wanted to be "scary" so Sara found her this hilarious dragon suit and Gavin was Micheal Phelps. They were big enough this year to really understand dressing up and were all about showing them off. This is my favorite picture because they had their arms around each other but it's a little blurry. And Amarah kept on and on about wanting her picture with "Baby Cousin". Sara was unsure but I was on Amarah's she got to help hold her.
And my OB asked me what Presley dressed up as when I saw him for my 6 week check up and wants me to send him a picture. So this is what he's gonna get....
Amarah wanted to do "a scary face picture"....
And Gavin kept telling us how strong Micheal Phelps was...
Presley wasn't too animated as a lady bug but she seemed okay with it. HAHA!
Gavin wanted to take a picture and after assuring Sara that it would be fine....he took this one.
My older sister Paula and my neice Jewel called and wanted to stop by too so of course we said yes! It was later when they came by so the kids had changed out of their costumes and we watched cartoons while we waited. Jared took this picture and made fun of us for all sitting on the same couch. But hey...we like each other! Although I don't think it was me the kids were wanting to be close to. Baby Cousin is so much more interesting to the kids!
Add Image And finally Paula and Jewel got there and the kids were SUPER wound up. They were so loud and running around and having a blast. They don't get to see each other very often and trust me they make up for it when they do. This was right before Paula and Jewel left (they were heading to the Great Wolfe Lodge). You can see how red their cheeks were. Sweaty kids!!
After everyone left sweet little Presley was pooped. She fell asleep so I put her in the bouncer. I can't believe how much she's grown!! Next year she'll be running around with all of the other cousins!

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