Monday, November 9, 2009

One Month Old

Man the first month flew by! Presley has already changed so much. Here are some random pics from our first month...

I borrowed this onsie so I could take her picture from my sweet friend Kate and her little man Hudson. She did this with him and I thought it was super cute. I want to be able to look at her "month" pictures and see how much she has changed. So here's Presley at one month old! I had to lay her down for this one because it just wasn't working to sit her up. The frustration we experienced is displayed in the second picture....

Ha...see why I ended up laying her down? She was not happy about this at all. This next picture I put up because it shows how she always keeps her feet. She has little monkey toes like me and always keeps them together when she's in the bouncer. She's gonna hate me for pointing this out to everyone! Sorry baby can blame me for giving you those toes.

And as I mentioned in earlier blogs....Daddy's girl. Presley had been fussy and I was trying to get some things done around the house so Daddy offered to entertain her. After noticing it had gotten quiet I found the two of them on our bed...sleeping away.

And to further argue my point, this was her first trip to Aunt Deb's surprise birthday party actually and the first time she wore something other than just a onsie or pajamas. Daddy picked this outfit out at Babies R Us and even dressed her himself. She wouldn't keep her eyes open for the picture but I think she's adorable anyway!

So far Presley has LOVED bath time. She can be screaming her little head off and sticking her in a nice warm bath (with lavander Sleepy Bath soap) does the trick every time. Jared and I both have this pic as our background on our phone. Her eyes are so bright and she was super content on Daddy's legs.
We recently switched to using the bath tub but at first we used the sink. At first she fit perfectly but now she's too long. But see how happy she is....just hanging out.
And how cute is this budda belly?!! LOL

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