Monday, November 9, 2009

First Photo Shoot

From the moment I knew I was pregnant I couldn't wait to have my baby's first real photo shoot. I booked the appointment way before I knew boy or girl and I'm sure I drove Mylissa crazy telling her about my ideas. But finally the day came!! We did Presley's pictures when she was 2 weeks old and Mylissa was sweet enough to come to my house. Which is good because before we were done Presley had peed on her daddy and we had to break twice for her to eat. Honestly after Mylissa left I was doubtful how great the pictures would be. But then when I saw the proofs...I teared up. They are exactly what I wanted!!

Presley's little belly looks huge in this picture...haha and I love her little bottome up in the air.
I'm a huge fan of black and white and I think it's completely appropriate for this picture. I think we look so still and quiet and in total awe of our little one. We were actually sitting on our couch and I know that you guys can't really see it but it means a lot to me that we were at home right in the middle of our little world and having this little moment with our new baby.
I wish my smile had been bigger here but I LOVE the expression on Presley's face. She looks so peaceful.
I have always always always wanted this picture. It was tricky to get her to hold them. Every time Mylissa put the rings on there she would curl up her toes and it wasn't the pose we were trying to get. But after a bunch of shots we got the perfect one!
This one made me cry the first time. I'm not going to lie. I don't remember her taking this shot and when I was looking at the proofs it completely caught me off guard. Her hand looks super tiny here! It's so sweet to me to see her holding her daddy's hand.
I know the bow is huge but I think it's cute. And guess does her daddy. I thought he would hate them when I brought them home (and yes I bought them way before baby cakes was even born) but every time we leave the house if I don't have a bow in my hand he sends me back in to grab one. tough guy now matches bows to outfits, clips her tiny nails, pushes a stroller through stores and all kinds of other things he probably never thought he would do.
And I think this picture says it all....


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