Monday, November 9, 2009

First Few Weeks

I can't believe she's only a few weeks old in these pictures and looks so tiny! She already has her daddy completely wrapped around her little finger. This picture is proof that when daddy is at home he keeps her on his chest 24/7. (And I have about 5 other pictures just like this one!)Yes she is going to be super spoiled but we just can't help it! Presley you are such a blessing and we can't believe we were lucky enough to be chosen to be your parents.
I wanted a picture of Presley at 1 week and I plan to take one each month after this. I chose the recliner because I could prop her up in the corner. She didn't look super happy to be getting a picture made here but it will always remind me of how little she was. And look at those bright eyes and that head full of hair! Oh and check out those toes.... Presley's routine consisted of lots of sleeping this first week. I couldn't help myself...every time I saw her in a new position I had to snap a picture. And daddy was doing the same thing too so we have LOTS of pictures. This is one of my favorites because when she is really snoozing good she always put your arms up or behind her head. And now that I'm looking at this picture...could we have put more pink around her? LOL

See...there is some serious snoozing going on here!

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