Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great Family Night

We have been working on spending some quality time with Presley lately and we had a great night last night! When I got home from work, we changed and went to eat. We decided on El Chico and it was a great choice. Jared and I had the fajitas that have chicken, mushrooms, bacon, cheese...yeah they are delicious. And then we had fried icecream...even yummier! Presley had chicken and shredded cheese. Here she is checking out the kids menu before we ordered:
Haha! She was so good. She is a people watcher so she was in paradise. She was happy the entire time and it makes me proud to have such a sweet baby! After we went to Lowe's and bought a "rescuse shrub". It was half price as well as half dead but we thought it should have a chance so we purchased it (aka rescued it). So......I may have to post some before and after pictures of that on here. Then we went and visited Jared's parents for a few minutes, then went home and stood at the fence and watched cows and then after Presley was in bed Jared and I just sat on the couch and talked. We managed to have a whole day with no tv! It was actually really nice to have some quiet time to talk. We don't do that nearly enough and we've promised to do it more. It was a sweet night. I want more like that! Oh, I've found a new background and will get it on here soon. I promise!

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