Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 36 - Part B

Here are a few more pics. I like the purple in this one. Even though it's dark and so is the background I think it makes my belly show up a bunch. face has gotten a little chubby!
And this mom will HATE. I did have on a bra and panties mom! I swear! This is a shot that Mylissa wanted to try and so I said sure. I mean why not....I mean I probably won't use it as my Christmas card....but I like it. I like that it shows the shape of my belly when I lay down. Standing up it's really round but when I lay on my back it's different and I can really feel the shape of her body. Sometimes when she's facing my spine I can really feel her back and little bottom which I think is super cool.

These next are some of my favorites. I love black and white but I think it's the look on Jared's face that makes me favor these. He was super cooperative this day which is not typically how he feels about pictures! He tells me a million times a day how happy he is and how much he can't wait to get his little girl here. These are the things that make even the rough days amazing.
I am one super lucky girl....

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