Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 30 July 27, 2009

It keeps growing and growing! 18 lbs to be exact! Man, it's getting a little harder to do routine things. Painting my toes, getting out of my car, and bending over to plug things in under my desk have become a little more difficult. I'm not whining...just saying it takes a little more effort now. And a lot of my maternity clothes are getting pretty snug. Okay...I'll be honest. I've already packed some of them up because there's no way I'll be able to wear them any longer! I only have about 9 1/2 weeks left though so I'm going to try and tough it out.

Everything else has been really good. Some days I am super tired when I get home but for the most part I'm still feeling great. Last week, I got a little lecture along with an eye roll from my Doctor because I had gained 2 lbs in 5 days. YIKES! It was a busy week though and I had eaten out a several times and then there was the tub of Rocky Road ice cream I had at the house, and my appetitie has gotten crazy again. I swear some days I think I'm starving! :-)

So this week I'm trying to be a little better. Although I know I'm going to cram some pounds on over the remainder of this little project. My dr has told me I need to gain about a pound a week and I have visits with him every 2 weeks now. I've also noticed that at the begining of your pregnancy the nurses tell you your weight gain and how much you are up total from your pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah, well these days they still weigh you but now they write it on the chart and never mention numbers unless you ask them. Guess they try to avoid the drama unless you insist on bringing it up! LOL

Each visit I remind my dr that YES I do want an epidural. God placed me in this day and age for a reason so I'm all about taking advantage of modern medicine that is available to me. Thank you Jesus! That's the one thing I'm concerned with...everything else I'm not worried about.

However, daddy Jared had a discussion about my due date with the Doctor. Yeah, he is concerned that if I go past my due date, which is Sept 30th that this could possibly disrupt potential bow hunting season which begins Oct 1st. Yes...he seriously asked. Luckily my Doctor is super cool and barely batted an eye. He said that since everything has been great so far...my blood pressure is still right around 112/68 each time, the baby's heart rate is usually right around 140, and I haven't had any contractions that he probably would consider letting me go 1 week past my due date. He usually doesn't let patients go that long unless they have been problem free. Don't get me wrong...I'm super thankful everything has gone smooth but geez....7 more days! Anyway the conversation ended with the agreement that a week before my due date he and Jared could discuss this topic again. Are you kidding me?!

HAHA...Seriously though, I'm not worried at all. Jared is already saying "Daddy" to my stomach each night in hopes that she will be incredibly smart and come out calling his name or something. And I've seen how many times he stops to look at the ultrasound pictures. That guy is not going to want to go anywhere once his little princess gets here. I'll have threaten him to get him to not hold her 24/7!

We had a housewarming party Saturday so I'll take pics tonight and post of some of the awesome gifts we got and I'm going to buy some items for Baby Girl's room this week. So check back soon...I will have some new pictures. Hopefully....

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