Monday, July 20, 2009

Jared's Surprise

Week 29....Jared had been saying how much he really wanted to see the baby again before she was born but my Dr didn't think my insurance would pay for another one. So I did a little research and found a place called First Vu Imaging and booked a session and footed the bill myself. I decided to not tell Jared and instead used it to torture him. Haha! I told him about 2 weeks ago that I had a surprise planned that he was going to LOVE!

Our little girl kicks me and moves around 24/7 and seriously, I feel her ALL the time. Jared gets to feel her if we are in bed or somewhere being still. However she's a little stinker and a lot of the time as soon as I say "Come feel of her" she gets still. It's like as soon as he puts his hands on her she stops moving. So he's been feeling a little bummed that I have felt her way more than he has. I was hoping this would make up for it.

Finally the big Surprise Day got here. But yes, I broke on Friday night and told him what my plans were. Sure it would have been more fun to just drive him there and then tell him but I seriously thought he was going to have a stroke trying to guess what it was. And once I told him he was really anxious.

I had been really worried she would sleep though it all and that we wouldn't get a good peek at her. Boy was I way off....she was super busy and actually kept us from getting any really good shots because she wouldn't stop moving around. She really seems to like her hands and just like the last ultrasound we had she kept them up by her face the whole time.

We did get some pictures but most of them are blury but we still think she's gorgeous! We also asked Jared's parents to go with Granny and Pops joined us for our session. And she kept her face turned to the outside of my uterus so that made it a little more difficult too. But maybe she will be a snuggler since she seems to be content being all bundled up in there. :-) This first one she was being a little shy in....

This one she's showing us her hand and the Tech doing the ultrasound said she's going to have long fingrs. I assured her that my dr has already commented that she will have long toes too so I guess they will match. :-)
And this one looks like she's biting the cord! She had her left hand holding it and moving it around. I think it would irritate me being in my face all the time too.
And here she was yawning. Which was surprising because she was moving around like crazy!
I was a little disappointed that we didn't get a bunch of super duper great shots but I am sooooo glad we went. And I was especially glad that Granny and Pops were with us. And I love the pictures we do have and can only imagine how attached I'll be once she gets here.

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