Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th

What a great weekend. I love July 4th! Summer is my favorite time of year and the 4th always means friends, family, and food! What more could a girl want? Especially a pregnant girl. Friday I ran errands because Jared had to work so Saturday and Sunday were our fun days. Saturday Mom, Sara and her kids, me and my sweet little Grandpa went to the Bennington, OK Homecoming parade. Yes it was 102 degrees but it was still fun! And it's tradition. My Grandpa used to take Sara and I and we even rode our horses in the parade for years. However, now that he's 90 years old we have resorted to just watching.

The kids loved the parade even though Amarah thought the "Po Po's noise was too loud!" The city police blew their sirens to start the parade and Amarah was not excited about that. Once that passed, and the floats started throwing was all okay. This picture is Gavin and Amarah waiting on the parade to start. As usual Gavin is smiling while Amarah was saying "I dont want my picture taken!".
To pass time I decided to let Gavin attempt taking a picture of me and Sara. Which was a new task to him. And to my amazement after only three tries he snapped this one. He was a quick study...our biggest obstacle was his fingers over the lens. I actually think this is a pretty good picture and I love that Gavin took it. Even though he's not as snuggly as he used to be he's still my little buddy!
Here's a picture of my 90 year old Grandpa and my mom while we were waiting on the BBQ to get served. Don't let the cane fool you. He was working his social skills. He knew practically everyone there and their kids and grandkids. I love to watch him in action!
I also insisted Sara pose for a full body sister pic with me. My mom has one in my baby book of her pregnant when she was pregnant with me standing beside my aunt. I look twice Sara's size in this pic but I know how cool I think the pic is of my mom and aunt in my babybook. Hicks this is for you to look at one day.
Saturday night Jared and I went to our friend's - The Trainor's - and had a super great time. There were hamburgers, volleyball games, slip and slide entertainment by the kids, fireworks, and a ton of fun all night long. They are great friends and we always enjoy getting to spend time with them. I don't have any pics from then probably because I had food in my hand the entire time! Amber you are a great host!
Sunday Jared and I took advantage of the cloudy drizzly morning we were blessed with and slept late. It was super nice. I can't remember the last morning we had like that. As a result we didn't get much done the rest of the day. I cleaned the house, we went and got groceries and then grilled and ended the night with a movie. So all in all it turned out to be a great weekend. I know Jared always has a project to do and hates to "waste a weekend" but I really enjoyed spendind the day with him. He doesn't know how much it helps a pregnant girl to have someone go grocery shopping with her!

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