Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 26

26 weeks...and I've been feeling super great. Yeah, I fall asleep every time I sit down on the couch but as long as I stay up and keep moving I'm good. I have noticed that I don't sleep quiet as good at night but it's not too bad. Really no explanation but I'll chalk part of it up to the baby that kicks me constantly! Other than that, a pretty routine week. I did take the glucose test last Wednesday and passed it, but only with a B+ according to my Dr. It was not pleasant and I felt like I was drinking a gallon of bitter cough syrup. But I survived and I passed…those were my two goals! I’m a little anemic but not severely so no iron pills for me. Thank you Jesus...I hear those are rough on the tummy.

And I'm at plus 12 lbs now! It’s so weird how you can get bigger in such a short amount of time. It blows my mind. Some days I look in the mirror and think yeah I’m bigger and then I look in the mirror again a few days later and I’m like “Woah! When did I get so big?” How can your own body can change so much and you don’t even realize it?

And then the funny thing is even though I look at myself and can see how much my body has changed, at my Dr appointment this week, the nurse asked me what symptoms I was having once she got to me back into the room. Not thinking about it I said….“No symptoms I’ve been feeling great”. She looked at me with a weird face and then said “Oh…are you pregnant?” Ummm….yes! I’ve been coming here every month since January. I laughed at her mistake and then listened to her tell me about how she gained 60 lbs with both of her babies. I haven’t obsessed about my weight but I do get on the scale every week. I’ve felt good and haven’t had any problems so I pretty much have continued to eat what I feel like….which sometimes is everything!

So far, I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy shirts. But as you can see in this pic...they are getting a little snug! On the other hand, I've been in stretchy pants since week 14 and I love them. It's sad yes, but they are soooo comfy.

I really like this picture and am so glad we took it. We were headed to a family reunion Sat so we took a quick picture on our back porch. Jared has been super good about taking pictures since I’ve been pregnant. Before he hated a photo shoot but apparently he’s already wrapped around her little finger so all I have to do is say that I want a picture for her baby book. Dang, the things a little girl can get her Daddy to do! And check out my palm tree behind us. I’ve managed to keep it alive and kicking for about 2 months now. I love being outside and even though I sweat when I'm doing it I still love working in the yard. We've nearly gotten the yard whipped into shape. I'll post pictures of our progress soon!

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