Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girl Time with Amarah

This post is random but I loved these pictures. Sunday my dad and stepmom, Sara and Jesse and their kids came over for a "Father's Day" cookout. We ate and played outside and when the boys decided to go fishing, Sara and I bribed Amarah to stay at the house and do "girl things". Well of course this meant some finger and toe nail painting!

I love this picture of me and Amarah. She has always been Ms Independent so any time she climbs up in my lap I soak it up. This picture is one of the few I have with her. She sat perfectly still and let me paint her nails and then said "do my toes too!". She also was cracking me up because she kept saying "I am sitting on baby cousin" the whole time because she was sitting in my lap. HA!

This is a picture of the drying process....I told her to sit still and not touch anything...which she did a great job of. And we had been outside all afternoon so pardon the sweaty, dirty little face here.

And here Amarah is checking to see if they are dry...and about 2 seconds after this picture she was off to play again.

I can't wait for "Baby Cousin" to get here so Amarah can do girlie things with her when she's big enough. Although I'm already nervous about what they will be like as teenagers!!

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