Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 24 - Decorating the Baby Room

Things keep getting more exciting! Yesterday after church we took a nap and I woke up to Baby Girl Hicks doing what felt like kick boxing in my stomach. So even though Jared has felt her move before, I pulled his hand over to my stomach. Finally...perfect timing! She punched super hard several times and his face was priceless. When she stopped with wide eyes he said "Wow, that was hard!" Before he had felt her move but it was my whole stomach but this past week I have noticed that I can feel sharper jabs/kicks so it feels way more intense. And it's in a specific area instead of my entire stomach moving. I'm so glad he finally felt his little girl moving around in there. He was super excited and I love that he told everyone we saw the rest of the day. I can't wait to see his face once she is finally here! Only 15 1/2 more weeks!!

And the earlier part of the week was just as good....The bedding we picked out came so Jared and I worked on picking out paint colors and decided on how we wanted to paint the nursery. I was unaware that Lowe's had 5 million shades of pink! Luckily after looking at what seemed like every single shade, we decided on Magic Wand Pink, Cosmic Pink and Chocolate Milk....and yes, I probably chose them because of their names. But Jared likes them too so we started working on the nursery this weekend....

Should have warned's bright! And after we painted this first wall Jared commented that he thinks it looks like we are about to give birth to Barbie. HAHA! Don't worry...I've warned him that the pink is just begining! And he was right there beside me helping the entire time so I know he likes it too. And more good news, Amarah was over Sunday night and she approves of "Baby Cousin's" room...although she didn't quiet understand why there were no toys for baby cousin in the closet.


  1. Are you sure you didn't buy a few hundred econo size bottle of Pepto and throw it up on the walls? I love it! And baby Mango will love it too! Hudson is into all things bright colors these days!

  2. I love it! Besides once you get everything moved in, it will calm it down and not seem so bright. If I had a girl the walls were going to be green pink and yellow!!! Oh and I love baby mango, Seth though the sonogram pic looked like a gummy bear so that's what we call this baby :P