Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Buck Down!

My daddy killed a deer....and then I claimed it as my own!
I am so proud of Jared....he has been hunting every single time he gets a chance too and gets up way earlier than I could probably ever motivate myself to. He killed a nice buck Monday morning with his bow. Jared loves bow hunting and I am glad he has something he enjoys doing so much. Jared had Gary come down and take pictures for him (I was still in the shower at 6:40am when this was going on) and I think they turned out good. I am so happy for him!
We took Presley out to see it before I took her down to Memaw's and headed to work. She seemed a little sketical of it but didn't seem to mind too much. I know when she's bigger she will love deer hunting just because her daddy does!

All I can say here is Daddy's girl!

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