Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jan 23rd - 4 Weeks It's Positive!

Jan 23rd - 4 weeks - We got our little bundle of joy the very first month we tried. Jared swears he knew it would happen that way. I on the other hand, was convinced it would take months. I being the bookworm I am, had read it takes 4-6 months for the average couple to conceive. So imagine the surprise I got when two weeks after ditching the birth control...I was staring at a positive pregnancy test!

I'd heard everyone else's stories but believe me, until you are the one holding the test, you can't comprehend what it really feels like. In one single moment, I was hysterically happy...jumping up and down. Next I was staring at myself in the mirror and there were tears of joy and thankfulness. How could we have been this lucky so fast? And then in the next moment, feeling scared to death and wondering if I was really ready for such a huge responsibility.

Of course I tried to surprise Jared. Apparently he knew we were trying (ha!) but I hadn't told him that I was suspecting it. I bought a gift bag with huge red hearts on it and I wrapped the test up in tissue paper and then stuck a newborn diaper in the bag. He was out working on the house so I walked in and he happened to be sitting on a bench in the middle of the living room. I handed him the bag and said "I hav our first gift for the new house". As he took the bag from me he smiled and I tried to hide all the emotions that were on the verge of bursting out of me. Before he had even pulled the items out of the bag he said "you're pregnant?!". I tried to smile and gave him a "just open the bag" look but luckily before I had to decided how to cover, he was throwing his arms around me and smothering me with kisses. In the 12 years we've been together, I've never seen that look in his eyes or felt that much emotion though his hugs.

I will never ever forget how amazing that one day was. To go from wanting a baby and hoping it would happen relatively soon...and then getting to be the one that put that look on Jared's face. Sometimes I still think about that day and how everything was so perfect. But I know that it was only the begining of an incredibly amazing journey!

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