Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feb 5th - 6 weeks First Appt

Feb 5th - 6 weeks - My first appointment. Things got even more amazing that day. I was 6 weeks along and knew that lots of things can happen early on in a pregnancy so I spent a great deal of time telling myself that I was prepared for whatever news I might get that day. They did the "offical" pregnancy test and confirmed what my home test had already declared - PREGNANT. They should have listened to me. I had all the signs. The first and most noticable was my face breaking out, my back was killing me, and my stomach was cramping. And lucky me...the day after the appointment the barfing began. It was like being car sick 24/7. Seriously. Trust me it didn't take long to figure out that if I made myself throw up the feeling was let up a little but it sure didn't go away. My doctor prescribed Zofran which I vowed not to take. I'm a super freak and don't want to take any meds!

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