Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feb 28th - Week 9 Rough Week

Feb 28 - Week 9 - Ended up being a rough week. I thought I was having some problems so I ended up in the ER Saturday night with luckily what turned out to be my first acto of being an overly-worried mother. They assured me everything was fine but Monday after another scare I landed up in my OB's office in million pieces. However nothing calmed me more that to see my little one wiggling around on the screen with that tiny heart beating away. They again assured me my baby was fine and perfect and that they saw no reason why I was having the problems I was. So I was relieved but still a little worried. They took more blood and sent it off for a test of my preogesterone level. Although everything was perfect at the moment, they preogesterone levels would be an indicator of any problems that might be looming in the future. After 3 days of waiting and spending my every extra second reading about progesterone...the office called and told me my levels were great. I was so relieved and so thankful. The bright side of this little scare is I have had 4 ultrasounds during the first 9 weeks of my pregnancy. My insurance company is going to croak!! And my pants are now getting uncomfortable so comfy pants with a 2" band here I come!! :-)

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